p123 Marking Gun

May 13, 2013

The portable p123 marking gun from SIC Marking is particularly suited to the marking of heavy or large parts. Made from robust and durable materials, it has an ergonomic design and wide flexibility of use. The p123 features an all-new cast aluminum grip for a comfortable hold and easy placement on surfaces. In addition, the range features an exclusive set of LEDs that light up the working field as well as functions such as front-plate indexing (stylus-part distance) for increased productivity.

In continuity with preceding versions, SIC Marking developed a new mechanism that produces high precision, top quality markings. These criteria are particularly important for data matrix code marking. The p123 delivers sufficient force to produce deep markings on materials of all types (including stainless steel, steel, aluminum and plastic) and parts of all shapes and surfaces (flat, concave, convex, cylindrical, rough, machined, etc.).

It offers a wide range of marking capabilities, from text (OCR, OCRA, Arial, etc.) and variable data, to serial numbers, logos, dates and times and data matrix codes. Its very large marking window (120 × 25mm or 120 × 40mm) allows large characters for easier reading.

For added convenience, the p123 portable gun can be easily mounted on an optional cart (optional) for mobility and is completely self-powered (when used with the battery kit). When fitted with the optional column and base, it can be very easily converted into a workbench tool.

Access to the p123's many functions is made via a controller that features a simple yet complete interface and is designed to run by itself (no need for a PC) in industrial environments (IP40 enclosure).

A wide range of options is available, including an electromagnetic clamping system, a balancer and a special front plate.

General specifications:

Marking window: 120 x 25mm or 120 x 40mm

Weight: 3.760 kg

Marking On/Off button

Machine connection cable: 3 m, 10 m and 15 m (depending on version and option)

Marking field lit by LEDs (e8 version of gun)

Software specifications:

Configuration via the keyboard and input menu: Graphic display (marking preview).

Text X and Y positions.

Bar code entry directly connected to controller (option)

Programmable travel speed and impact force

Height- and width-adjustable characters and spaces (0.1 pitch).

Graphic display, manual approach, test run.

Marking pause function: Operator- and supervisor-level passwords.

Maintenance menu.

Straight, angled or radial, normal or reverse marking.

Marking angle (0 to 360 degrees).

Horizontal and vertical mirror marking (with e8 controller).

Marking of 2D data matrix codes (with e8 controller).