March 12, 2012

A Data Matrix code is composed of recesses (in dot peen marking) or square cells (in laser marking). In all cases, the quality of the marking of the code is the predominating factor facilitating reading by video cameras.

SIC Marking offers its customers the market's most complete solution for the traceability of their parts, from marking to automatic reading during the manufacturing process, and statistical follow-up to optimize traceability.

This is MVRC, SIC Marking's traceability system:

Marking: mastery of Data Matrix marking technologies (dot peen/dot marking, laser).

Verification: detailed analysis of the Data Matrix code to verify marking quality and anticipate any drift of the system.

Reading: 100 percent reliable automatic reading of the Data Matrix code at any stage of the process.

Communication: management of marking and reading data using the SIC Vision traceability software.