XL Box Laser Marker

February 01, 2014

XL Box from SIC Marking has been designed to increase productivity at the workstation dedicated to marking and traceability of components. It is equipped with a fiber laser source doped with Ytterbium which allows light or deep markings of alphanumeric codes, barcode and 2D Data Matrix codes, on all metals and some plastics. Results are high-contrast markings produced in some hundredth of a second that can be human-readable or verified by a camera.

XL Box operates thru a laptop (connected via USB port), with SIC LASER PC software that runs in a Windows environment. The software , which is included with the package, offers multiple solutions to configure marking, while maintaining ergonomics and easy-to-use interface.

Box enables users to work comfortably for loading/unloading parts. It has significantly larger internal dimensions, with a 550 x 550mm (21.65" x 21.65") work area, while maintaining a compact external size with only 653mm (25.708") wide.

Large size parts can be marked (up to 370mm/14.56" high) with a T-slot table with threaded holes for facilitating fixtures for parts support.

To be more effective, XL Box is equipped with a secured door (pneumatically powered) that closes automatically when marking cycle is launched and opens by itself at the end of cycle. The settings of the Z-axis are done intuitively thanks to its 235mm (9.25") motorized axis system. With the additional help of two red pointers, focusing on the piece is simple. The laser is safe for the operator in accordance with Class 1 EN 60825-1. XL-Box is a versatile laser marking system with many options (rotary D-axis, Z-axis operated by software, swing plate).