e1-p63c Portable Marking System

September 01, 2014

As a leading manufacturer in the markings and traceability sector, SIC Marking has developed a new portable marking system, the e1-p63c. The new e1p63c highly compact dot peen marking system has been designed with simplicity of use in mind for permanent identification of all kinds of metal and plastic parts. The new systems are ideal for heavy and bulky parts or difficult to access areas and are particularly suited to harsh working environments.

It is a robust portable marking system manufactured from a single cast aluminium chassis and handle assembly giving strength and durability. This rigid construction gives minimal vibration. The marking gun is designed for perfect balance with a reduced weight of only 2.6kg. It has dimensions of 205 x 203 x 133mm, making it ideal for difficult-to-access areas. With its compact size it still has a large marking area of 60 x 25mm.

The e1 controller has been ergonomically designed to be hand held and an ideal method of entering data is to cradle the controller with both hands and use your thumbs to enter data with your thumbs. With a large aluminium handle it is also easy to carry. It has a high definition colour display (320 x 240 pixels), giving easy viewing and programming using easy read icon driven menus.

The new software is simple and intuitive to use and allows alphanumeric text, logos and data matrix codes to be marked. The USB port makes it easy to import and export marking files. The system is supplied in a carrying case for easy transportation and for outdoor use.