ec1 Dot Peen Marking System

January 26, 2017
ec1 Dot Peen Marking System

The new ec1 marking system from SIC Marking uses dot peen technology to achieve permanent marking of all industrial components. Dot peen technology provides a reliable and unalterable marking directly into the material, according to the company.

The ec1 column-mounted machine is precise, marks at high speed and has an excellent robustness, which is perfect for all types of dot peen marking. You can mark data such as texts, logos, 2D codes, QR codes or datamatrix codes.
This new machine is ideal for marking small to medium sized parts, from plastics to hardened steel up to
62 HRC. Parts of various shapes and surface conditions (flat, concave, convex, circular, raw, machined surfaces and more) can be marked.

Thanks to its improved stability, the new design of the ec1 makes it more comfortable to use on tabletop. The system also includes a graduated column for an easier positioning. Its new marking window is bigger (120 x 100 mm) and its controller is equipped with a HD color screen of 95 x 54 mm. Besides, the controller is fully programmable thanks to its new industrial keyboard.

The ec1 controller features a completely redesigned software for simpler handling and increased intuitiveness. This software allows to create easily and quickly marking programs directly from the controller. New navigation icons facilitate switching between different menus. The main innovation is the “Edition Menu”: it can be programmed in graphical or in table view (selectable at any time).