C 151z-a Marking Machine

March 01, 2011

The C151 z-a series from SIC Marking USA is remarkable for its repeatability and precision: this is due to its micropercussion technology, its "AERO" type stylus, and its precise mechanism (movement resolution is just 0.05, compared with the 0.1 generally seen on the market). This machine is capable of marking high-quality and extremely consistent Datamatrix codes in real time, providing durable marking which remains readable under all circumstances.

For this purpose, the machine has been fitted with special technology introduced by SIC Marking: autosensing. As its name suggests, autosensing refers to a marking machine's ability to detect the surface to be engraved, and to position itself at exactly the optimal distance to trigger strikes. This characteristic, along with its repeatability and precision, means that consistent micropercussion is guaranteed. The C151 z-a can therefore move from one marking job to the next automatically, maintaining total part traceability.

With these different on-board technologies, the C151 z-a series will not affect the mechanical strength of the part (through controlled deformation), which is essential in Aeronautics. Suitable for all parts (aluminium, titanium etc.), up to the largest of parts, the C151 z-a satisfies the requirements of both French (DT05-89 and XP Pr EN9132) and International (IAQG SPEC 2000 and UID) SIC Marking is already the choice of many leading companies in the aeronautics sector: EADS, Airbus, SNECMA, Safran, Dassault, Techspace, Turbomeca, Defontaine, Prat & Whitney, Rolls Royce, General Electric, Heroux Devtek and Souriau.