Scribing Technology

June 09, 2016

Scribing is a marking process whereby the mark (text or logo) is produced by a carbide or diamond tip that
penetrates and indents the surface. This produces a deep groove that forms continuous lines across round, concave, flat, or arched surfaces, and on almost any material. Also called "drop and drag" or "scratch marking," scribing technology is an ideal choice for applications where noise level limitations are imposed. If dot peen markers are considered too noisy when used on steel pipe, for example, a pneumatic scribing machine might be preferred.

SIC Marking says its scribing technology guarantees a high-quality mark and is ideal for requirements that include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or aesthetics concerns, such as logos and symbols. SIC Marking's product range runs from standard machines to custom engineered solutions. All systems are created with careful attention to bring functional design, quality, innovation and performance to manufacturing lines.

Every site, every job, and every customer is unique. As an example, one of our customers in the automotive industry has asked our engineers to set up a system adapted for eight of his exhaust pipe’s production lines. The traceability and identification of exhaust pipes can be a complicated task since the parts are hollow. Our customer’s main issue was compliance with the noise limits which is the reason why scribing marking systems were chosen.

The i113s marking systems have been easily integrated and implemented on each work station. Thanks to the reliability and flexibility of SIC Marking’s scribing systems, our customer was able to adapt the marking head’s position to fit each of his production lines.

To complete its scribing range SIC Marking launches a new i63s marking machine. This new scribing marking head complements the i113s machine dedicated to deep marking on steel and other hard materials. i63s marking system has a compact yet robust design engineered for integration on production lines of all types of industrial environments. The marking quality is excellent with perfect continuous lines and very fast for materials of all kind, from plastic to hardened steel (up to 62 HRC).

The mechanical system is much simpler which has for consequence reduced maintenance. Already equipped with full connectivity (digital I/O, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232...), the i63s scribing systems also offer many features to interact with all the elements that set up their environment. The machines can be easily integrated on all production lines using Profinet, Profibus and Ethernet/IP.

Related Glossary Terms

  • flat ( screw flat)

    flat ( screw flat)

    Flat surface machined into the shank of a cutting tool for enhanced holding of the tool.