TriLock vises with CARVESMART jaws are on sale now with preinstalled hard jaws and a set of 6" extruded machinable aluminum jaws. Additional jaw extrusions are available with 5 different profile options in precut 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch widths. Jaw extrusions are compatible with the TriLock vise’s dovetail movable jaws and with other…
Kurt DXH vises have a premium one-piece body design now standard on all Kurt general-purpose vises. Designed using Finite Element Analysis, the new body has 30% less horizontal (push back) deflection than previous DX models. Vises are available in three sizes: DX4H, DX6H and DX8H and reverse models. DXH Hydraulic Vises have the same bed height and…
The compact Kurt RV24 Gripper comes standard with integrated electronics featuring sensors that ensure fingers and parts are in place and ready for production. High-strength aluminum alloy keeps gripper weight to a minimum while a hard-coat finish reduces wear and increases life in the field. New gripper size allows for smaller part handling,…
DX8, DX6 and DX4 vises were designed using Finite Element Analysis—providing 30% less horizontal push-back deflection than previous DX models. Less vise-body deflection translates to more stability and a lifetime of dimensional precision—setting a new standard in precision flatness, parallelism and repeatability. The DX8 CrossOver® vise features…
Loaded with features, the compact Kurt RV36 Gripper comes standard with integrated electronics featuring sensors that ensure fingers and parts are in place and ready for production. High-strength aluminum alloy keeps gripper weight to a minimum while a hard-coat finish reduces wear and increases life in the field. Smaller gripper size allows…
Kurt’s PF 420, PF 440 and PF 460 vises come with standard 4-inch jaw width and jaw openings ranging from 2.625” to 6.625” making them the perfect vise for any customer’s workholding applications. PF-series vises replace the previous Kurt HP models and feature the patented AngLock® design to minimize jaw lift and deflection. The proven AngLock®…
The Kurt pyramid workholding bundles facilitate clamping of three individual components in one fixture and completed in a single setup. The Kurt 45-degree design mounting surface is positioned so each vise provides maximum access to all machined surfaces and allows for enhanced spindle and cutting tool clearance.
Machine shops looking to utilize tombstone workholding fixtures on their horizontal machining centers should know about the economical and convenient way of setting-up their machine using Kurt VersatileLock vises mounted back-to-back. The VersatileLock tombstone setup can be used on a wide range of existing HMCs, particularly smaller ones with…
Kurt gaging systems can provide 100% production inspection with fast cycle time and are critical to manufacturers of machined components. The gaging system is fully automated and capable of measuring a series of features for two machining operations.
The new Kurt Pyramid workholding platform is designed to attach three Kurt vises for 5-axis machining multiple parts in one load. The 45-degree vise mounting surface is positioned so each vise provides maximum access to all machined surfaces and allows for enhanced spindle and cutting tool clearance.
When an equipment manufacturer wanted to automate part clamping for a high-volume casting to be machined in a robot attended machining cell they turned to Kurt Workholding custom engineers for support. After reviewing the initial machining cell and part requirements, Kurt engineers drew upon past workholding experience and designs along with some…
The Kurt newly designed rotary table workholding system is designed using the Kurt DX6 CrossOver hydraulic vise with a trunnion mounted onto a 4-axis rotary table. The system uses double-acting hydraulics, which is desirable for automated part loading and unloading via a robotic system. Additionally, the system can be used for manual part loading…
Kurt DoveLock master jaws are designed to be installed in replacement of standard cap screw jaws and create a quick-change capability. Once the DoveLock master jaws are installed into the vise they perform as a receiver for the replaceable jaws and are installed or removed by loosening three quick clamps in the top of each master jaw.
Kurt’s new line of motorized air vises utilize air-powered motors to provide consistent preset clamping force and programmable vise opening if desired. These vises are suitable for automated, robotized cells and applications requiring consistent clamping not easily attained by manual operation.
Kurt has launched the DX4 CrossOver Vise, a reduced size version of its successful DX6 CrossOver vise. Similarly designed to provide workholding strength and performance where flatness and parallelism are critical, this DX4 CrossOver vise answers machinists’ needs for smaller workholding.
Kurt’s new pneumatic zero-point clamping system runs on existing shop air readily available in every machine shop. The Kurt DockLock Airline system is a high precision system, which can reduce setup time over 90 percent by rapid change-out of large and small machine fixtures.
Kurt’s new KHU6 hydraulic unit comes ready with both single- and double-acting capabilities providing a convenient option to the users preferred clamping method. Single-acting method uses hydraulic clamping and spring return for unclamping. Double-acting capability uses both hydraulics to clamp and unclamp for faster, more precise setup.
Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Kurt designed and optimized the new XL6 XtraLong vise to be better performing than its predecessor vise the 640XL. Boasting a 14.50” opening, the XL6 manual vise clamping capacity is .50” more than the 640XL vise and accomplishes the increase even while the over length was reduced by .42” to 24.10”.
The Kurt MiniLock is a small, low-profile screw down clamp that provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use option for rigidly clamping components on machine tables, fixture plates, tombstones and trunnion fixtures.
High density, high accuracy and flexibility to accommodate different part sizes or multiple parts are benefits of Kurt’s SeraLock Towers, and WedgeLock and MoveLock workholding modules.
The Kurt DX6 Crossover vise design features are reportedly proven to help machinists enhance their ability to machine parts better and increase productivity. The DX6 vise mounts and locates directly onto 40mm, 50mm and 2” grid patterns. This provides for an accurate workholding setup and repeatable reference and elimination of relocating and…
Kurt Workholding offers a complete line of high-density CarvLock workholding towers for precision machining with eight or 12 clamping stations in both manual and hydraulic models. Equipped with easily changeable jaws, these Kurt towers enhance setup flexibility and provide fast changeover between jobs.
Kurt’s new KHP3 hydraulic pump is powered by normal shop air versus an electric motor. The pump uses 30 to 100 psi input pressure and sustains up to 4,000 psi of constant pressure for use with all Kurt hydraulic vises.
SideWinder vises mount directly to the back of 6- or 8-inch Kurt vises and make an ideal setup when configured in tandem with two or more vises. The Kurt SideWinder vise provides vertical workholding without interfering with an existing host vise or the machine spindle.
Kurt’s DoveLock dovetail vises are ideal for clamping strength and specifically designed for allowing access to five sides of the workpiece in 5-axis, 4th-axis and palletized CNC machining systems. DoveLock vise is available in two sizes: a 1-inch jaw width DTR10 model and 2-inch jaw width DTR20 model.
Small to large part workholding setups reportedly align and lock into position fast and accurately using Kurt’s DockLock system. The DockLock system is a fast, accurate and repeatable technology for making setup changes on all types of horizontal and vertical machining centers.
Up to 28.5 inch jaw opening and 12,000 lbs. of clamping force makes Kurt’s XL 8-inch vises ideal for the largest tool and die, molds and machining extra large parts in automotive, aerospace and oil drilling industries. Kurt XL vises also function well as a receiver for other workholding setups.
Kurt ToolBlox feature an open-cage design weighing 30 percent less than a solid tombstone with aluminum subplates, making easier handling for the CNC machine table and shuttle systems. The ToolBlox class 30 gray iron iron construction continues to provide the vibration damping for a rigid setup even compared to much heavier tombstone alternatives.
The Kurt SideWinder vise provides vertical workholding without interfering with an existing host vise or the spindle. SideWinder vise expands the capabilities of 6 or 8 inch vises by adding vertical clamping above and behind the host vise and provides easy spindle access for secondary or final machining operations.
Kurt's line up provides machinists with a wide array of holding options for their workpieces being machined on small CNC tables.
Kurt's VersatileLock Vises provide clamping repeatability, assuring 0.0005 inch repeating accuracy.
Kurt's HD and HDL Vises maximize workholding productivity.
Shops looking to maximize workholding flexibility will reportedly get it with these Kurt VersatileLock tombstone fixtures.
Kurt Workholding introduces new 6-inch Steel DoveLock Quick-Change Jaw System for Kurt industry standard 6-inch vises and towers, following the successful introduction of the Aluminum DoveLock Quick-Change Jaw System.
Kurt's new DoveLock vise is a 5-axis workholder for the most advanced aggressive machining operations.
Kurt Workholding introduces two new DoveLock Quick-Change Jaw System sizes for 4 inch and 8 inch Kurt industry standard vises and towers.
Kurt announces introduction of its new model KTR35 toolroom vise.
Kurt introduces new 8-inch VersatileLock vises available in manual, reverse and hydraulic versions.
Kurt's 3-In-One Jaw System is a fast and easy way to set vise jaws at any of these seven popular angles: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 45 degrees.
Kurt Workholding HD690 vise is a pull-type vise with a 9-inch jaw opening for clamping larger parts with minimal stationary jaw deflection.
New machining projects and ones requiring improved throughput can benefit from a custom engineered workholding system from Kurt Manufacturing Co.
Small to large part workholding setups align and lock into position fast and accurately using Kurt Manufacturing Co.'s DockLock system.
Five-axis machining varies from very small to extremely large and requires the right workholding to obtain optimal machining results and no single workholding option solves all needs, reports Kurt Manufacturing. Part complexity and size requirements coupled with machine capabilities and limitations dictate what workholding works best. To meet…
A hand-operated Pneumatic/Hydraulic Pump has been introduced by Kurt Workholding for use with its hydraulic vises, cluster towers and swing clamps.
Machining center utilization improves significantly using the new Kurt PinLock system. It enables machining of multiple parts per load while reducing setup time.
Kurt announces the expansion of its 5-axis vise offering with the addition of two new MaxLock models.
Quickly align and setup any part on any horizontal and vertical machining center with Kurt's DockLock zero-point workholding system.
Kurt Manufacturing Co.'s D688 vise has an 8.8-inch jaw opening and repeatability to within 0.001 inch.
Now there's a fast and easy way to setup work pieces for machining at three common angles. Using Kurt's new Sine Parallels, rectangle parts can be clamped precisely and quickly at 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degree angles.
When machinists asked for new workholding features to meet the needs of the latest machining centers, Kurt answered with its HD and HDL Vises and Towers.
Kurt Manufacturing Co. announces the introduction of a wide range of Hydraulic Swing Clamps, Valves and Pumps for clamping workpieces in a high production machining environment.
Kurt Manufacturing Co. announces re-introduction of its flagship D688 vise model with more features.
Kurt Manufacturing CO. announces introduction of its new MaxLock 350 multiaxis Anglock vise.
Kurt's new PinLock system makes attaching and removing fixtures, subplates and vises from machining centers precise, fast and easy.
Machining process designers looking to increase their market advantage will find the answer with Kurt's integrated custom engineered systems.
The MiniLock from Kurt Manufacturing Co. is a small, screw down clamp that operates much like a precision vise.
Kurt Manufacturing Co.'s new HDM690 vise is for precision clamping large parts for tool and die and production CNC applications.
Self-centering vises from Kurt Manufacturing Co., Industrial Products Div., improve machining center productivity by positioning and clamping workpieces precisely and quickly on a defined symmetrical axis.
Kip Hanson
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Kip Hanson
Feature Article