Motorized Air Vises

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April 02,2018
Motorized Air Vises

Kurt’s new line of motorized air vises utilize air-powered motors to provide consistent preset clamping force and programmable vise opening if desired. These vises are suitable for automated, robotized cells and applications requiring consistent clamping not easily attained by manual operation.

Using an optional 3mm proximity sensor, the Kurt air-powered motor vise is easily set to open and stop precisely at preconfigured positions. Operates on 20-100 psi and clamps to stall. Desired clamp force is attained through an air FRL setting. The vises utilize push-to-connect air fittings for easy set up, and mounts to tables or fixtures using sine keys and ½-inch bolts. Additional options are available for adding encoder for programmability or double start thread motor option to increase stroke speed.

This air motor option is available on most Kurt vises, including the new DX6 vise, plus many Kurt single-station vises, double-station vises that range in sizes of 4-, 6- and 8-inch models, and is also available on smaller vise models such Model SCMX420.