Behringer Saws Inc. has added the VA-L 500 to its line of circular cold saws. Behringer Eisele GmbH designed the VA-L 500 sawing system specifically for production cutting of aluminum and nonferrous materials.
With the HBM540A, Behringer presents a fully enclosed, flexible, high-performance bandsawing machine. Based on its only recently fully reengineered automatic HBM440A, Behringer is presenting an addition to this high-performance machine series.
Specifically for cutting aluminium, the BEHRINGER EISELE GmbH with the VA-L 560 NC2 has a sawing system that reportedly sets new standards. Both in solid material as well as in pipes and profiles with sophisticated cross-sectional geometry, the machine scores with high output.
Behringer Saws Inc. has introduced a line of automatic vertical plate saws. The LPS series heavy-duty, production plate saws enable fast, accurate, automated cutting of aluminum, low-alloy and high-tensile strength materials. The LPS series saws are rugged, highly efficient and ideal for steel service centers and mold, tool and die making…
Behringer Saws Inc. has introduced the HBE Dynamic series horizontal bandsaw.
Behringer has added an automated inclined magazine to its HCS-90E carbide circular cold saw.
Behringer has launched a new version of its model HBP-310/523G/A mitering bandsaw.
Behringer has introduced the HCS-180 high-performance automatic carbide circular cold saw for cutting of ferrous material at 90 degrees.
Designed for efficiency in high production metal cutting operations, the new Behringer HBE Dynamic Series bandsaws utilize a high torque, frequency-controlled blade drive motor.
Behringer has introduced the new VMS 370A circular cold saw for precision straight and miter cutting of ferrous and non ferrous metals.
Behringer, a world-class provider of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment, has introduced the new powerful, high performance HBP-610A bandsaw for cutting large pipes and solid materials up to 24 inches in diameter.
Behringer has introduced the new HBP-510/1208G mitering bandsaw for precision high speed cutting of large structural beams and profiles.
Behringer has introduced the new HCS 150/160 MF saw, a high-performance carbide circular cold saw that uses multi-fluid cooling technology to prevent heat transfer to product during mass cutting applications.
Behringer has expanded its HBM series of high-performance bandsaws to include the new HBM-SC series.
Behringer is heralding a major turning point in the field of high-performance band sawing.
Precise cuts are the hallmark of the HBM800ALU, which makes aluminium sawing an attractive option even in the large cutting ranges. With the new HBM800ALU, Behringer GmbH is presenting an automatic high-peformance bandsaw for aluminium cuts which is in a league of its own in terms of its technically sophisticated functionality.
The new generation of large-scale saws from Behringer benefit from a consistently modular design principle and are available in three different models and four sizes.
Behringer Saws has introduced a laser-based measuring system for use on the company's full range of sawing and turnkey pre- and post-cut material handling productivity-enhancing products.
A new line of bandsaws engineered to accommodate and cut large-diameter tubing quickly and efficiently is available from Behringer Saws Inc.
Yesenia Duran
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