Powered by a Nikon 225kV microfocus source, the innovative systems feature the company’s Rotating.Target 2.0, which is unique in the industrial sector. It results in high resolution X-ray images to enable even the smallest defects inside an object to be identified quickly, easily, and non-destructively. Speed of operation is enhanced using Nikon’s…
Two variants are available. The VOXLS 30 C 450 is ideal for inspecting tall samples such as a large turbine blade. The VOXLS 30 M 450 is defined by its ability to be equipped with an internal autoloader for holding multiple samples. They may be scanned without operator intervention, freeing up personnel for other duties and facilitating unattended…
Nikon emphasizes that the VOXLS 40 C 450 is just the first of a next generation of X-ray CT systems of similar construction, featuring a single-piece cabinet, the same metrology-grade manipulator concept, Nikon’s unique microfocus X-ray sources, and extensive CT acquisition technologies. The upcoming models will broaden the range even further to…
As it is automated, reconstruction by Dual.Material CT is highly repeatable from component to component and does not require advanced knowledge of scanning techniques when inspecting assemblies comprising two materials of different densities. QC productivity is raised by enabling better visualization and more accurate definition of defects (on the…
Nikon's alignment with the industry-standard OPC UA communication protocol reaffirms its dedication to developing fully automated, non-contact, X-ray CT quality control systems for the shop floor. There is a growing, industry-wide trend towards using this technology for feeding back data in real time to optimize production line operation –…
In the latest version of the software, AutoMeasure version 13, two features have been added that allow even novice operators to extract the best performance from the systems. They reduce operational costs and raise productivity, leading to competitive advantage for a manufacturing company or inspection bureau.
The CNC video measurement system "NEXIV" can automatically measure the dimensions of component features using Nikon's world renowned optical and image processing technology. By analyzing the captured image of a component, detecting feature edges at high speed, both accurately and with repeatably, it is possible to quickly measure…
With the release of a new offset CT reconstruction algorithm in the latest version of the manufacturer’s Inspect-X software, not only can larger components be scanned but it can also be performed at higher geometric magnification. The Offset.CT module is available on all Nikon Metrology X-ray CT systems from 180kV through to 450kV.
Operation has been greatly simplified and efficiency doubled, enhancing the system's suitability for a wide range of applications from the museum laboratory through academia to the R&D department and on to the factory floor. The intrinsic benefit of X-ray CT is that it allows both the exterior and interior of a sample to be inspected and…
The system is ideal for inspecting a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, electronic, moulded, cast and pressed components that fall within its 300 x 200 x 200 mm working volume. Nikon's proprietary optical measuring, image processing and analysis technologies are employed to detect feature edges at very high speed, capturing accurately…
The new ASTM E2737 Detector Evaluation Package is available to suit the entire range of Nikon Metrology’s X-ray CT inspection, metrology and large envelope CT systems. All of the manufacturer's X-ray sources are supported including rotating target technology and the world's only 450kV microfocus source, in addition to the full range of…
The Nikon Laser Radar combined with Metrologic Group’s software suite, Silma X4 i-Robot and Metrolog X4 i-Robot, provides a flexible and accurate 3D metrology solution, designed for shop floor coordinate measuring machine-quality measurements in short time cycles. This single, intuitive software suite controls both the Laser Radar and the robot,…
22 years since the inception of the ModelMaker product line, the cutting-edge ModelMaker H120 firmly pushes the ever-exacting boundaries of hand-held laser scanning, Nikon Metrology says. Incorporating blue laser technology, ultrafast frame rate, specially developed Nikon optics and the ability to measure the most challenging materials, this…
Nikon Metrology announces CMM-Manager 3.5 for Nikon's iNexiv vision measuring equipment.
Nikon Metrology announces a unique 750 kV X-ray source withµm level spot size.
The XT H 450 from Nikon Metrology sets a new reference for turbine blade measurement and non-destructive testing and inspection of steel or aluminum cast parts.
Nikon Metrology announces the release of its easy-to-use intelligent Portable 3D Measuring System, the P3D.
Nikon Metrology announces the release of SMZ1270, a stereo microscope with the largest zoom ratio in its class, SMZ1270i, a version of SMZ1270 with intelligent features, and SMZ800N with enhanced optics and operability.
Nikon Metrology announces two new CNC Video Measuring Systems, the iNEXIV VMA-4540V and 4540.
Nikon Metrology Inc. announces a new software breakthrough with Metrologic Group, providing a complete set of new functionalities and applications for Laser Radar, and other NMI products.
Nikon Metrology announced significant improvements in optical performance with the CF160-2 Series Objective Lenses for Industrial Microscopy.
CAMIO7 from Nikon Metrology Inc. is a major software release in many ways. This multi-sensor CMM software now reflects the latest from Microsoft Windows, featuring the ribbon style toolbar.
Nikon Metrology introduces the HN-6060, a next-generation non-contact inspection system providing the latest in metrology capabilities.
Nikon Metrology Inc. announces the release of its ShuttlePix P-400R Digital Microscope, made for inspection, observation, simple measurement and recording of high-resolution images.
Nikon Metrology recently introduced the MCA II range of articulated arms with a measurement volume between 1.8 meters and 3.6 meters in diameter. Equipped with the brand new ModelMakermmDx, the MCA II is an ultra-modern and accurate handheld scanning combination that is said to handle every inspection task, regardless of specimen size, material…
Nikon Metrology recently released the ModelMakermmDx handheld 3-D scanner series enhanced with digital ESP3 technology.mmDx now scans nearly all sample materials and surface finishes by automatically using the most optimal laser stripe settings.
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When you need to capture complete measurement data on a machined part, noncontact 3D laser scanning is available to provide "The Whole Picture," which is the title of our cover story in the June 2023 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine. Presented here is a video supplement covering the highlights of the Nikon Metrology L100 laser…

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Metrology provider ASF Metrology SRL, Varallo, Italy, is acquiring the coordinate measuring machines business from metrology provider Nikon Metrology NV, Leuven, Belgium.
Roush Yates Engines, Mooresville, N.C., and Nikon Metrology Inc., Brighton, Mich., announced a multiyear partnership program demonstrating Roush Yates Engines’ commitment to partnering with best-in-class companies.
Leuven. Nikon Metrology announced today that Canadian based 7D Kinematic Metrology Inc, has acquired Nikon Metrology’s iGPS dynamic tracking business.