CF160-2 Objective Lens

September 13, 2012

Nikon Metrology announced significant improvements in optical performance with the CF160-2 Series Objective Lenses for Industrial Microscopy.

In 1999, Nikon introduced the infinity optics CFI60 series to the industrial field. Since then it has been very well accepted with its high NA and long working distance coupled with the excellent overall optical performance.

Nikon now introduces the CFI60-2 series further improving optical performance, extending working distance and making every objective in the series "Semi Apo" or higher in class. This is possible by integrating the advanced "Phase Fresnel Lens" technology into the microscope optics. At the same time, Nikon has revamped its Industrial Microscope LV series to have a newer look and an improved connectivity to digital imaging systems. With the LV-N series and CFI60-2 series, Nikon will "meet needs and exceed expectations" of industry.

Key Features:

1. Superior Optical Performance

Using the Phase Fresnel Lens, Nikon has extended working distance and at the same time improved chromatic aberration correction, which has been difficult to accomplish previously. This has been achieved by using the characteristics of a refractive lens and a diffractive lens. With this change all CFI60 industrial objective lens will become Semi-Apochromatic or Apochromatic in classification.

2. Enhanced Ease of Use

Nikon will add a manual intelligent nosepiece to the LV-N series. In combination with the nosepiece position indicator LV-INAD, the intelligent nosepiece will output nosepiece position to enable auto-calibrated measurements and scale display. The interface for LV150NA and LV-NCNT has been upgraded to USB improving the overall connectivity to PC.

3. Excellent Value

Nikon will also add a LED light source base microscope LV150NL to offer customers a low cost high value option to overcome budget restraints. The LV150NL will have a dedicated LED Epi Illuminator LV150NL-LED EPI optimized for Episcopic bright field, simple polarizing and DIC observation.

Related Glossary Terms

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    Science of measurement; the principles on which precision machining, quality control and inspection are based. See precision machining, measurement.