Suited for a wide variety of industrial applications, the MarCal 18 EWR(i) digital caliper alleviates the complexities associated with accurate measurements of large/heavy parts, ultimately enhancing overall measurement precision. The tool is particularly useful for roaming quality inspectors who need to measure parts that are too challenging to…
Product lines related to air gaging detailed in the catalog include Mahr Dimensionair air plugs, air rings, air snaps and accessories, Millimar electronic/pneumatic display systems, and MarGage precision master rings, discs, and plugs.
The Digimar 817 CLT provides a variety of interfaces for saving measurement data. Data transfer is possible both wirelessly and by the new duplex cable via the proven MarConnect data management software. It also allows the transmission of a measuring device ID to ensure the traceability of all measurement results. For measurement reports, users…
With practical touch control panels, the new digital comparators offer maximum measuring reliability even in harsh workshop environments. A light tap on the touchscreen is sufficient to safely operate the digital comparators with most commercially available gloves. This eliminates the possibility of measurement errors by accidental adjustment or…
The Marameter 844 K probes form a comprehensive modular system that includes measuring heads, driving needles, measuring holders for indicators or probes, depth extensions, right-angle attachments and setting rings. Made of hardened steel, the new Marameter probes are ideal for bore measurement at the point of manufacture, offering extremely long…
This functionality allows the M 310 to be used as a drive unit for the MarWin Easy Roughness Mobile software, enabling another way to interface and control the M 310 while providing the complete functionality of the touchscreen unit on a PC. Direct connection to the PC is available via USB cable or Bluetooth adapter, replacing interface boxes that…
The Millimar C 1202 is user configurable with the use of Mahr’s N 1700 series amplifier modules. Modules are available for LVDT inputs in both standard and high-resolution capabilities; pneumatic inputs for air tooling; and input modules for digital encoders. The Millimar C 1202 will allow for up to two inputs and provides the capability of…
The system features evaluation technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), which allows the highest accuracy to be achieved with increased robustness. The system offers a resolution of down to 0.1 nm, making it ideal for use in the production of semiconductor devices or optical components, as well as automotive, aerospace, medical and more.…
The MarForm MMQ 500 is designed for speed. Its Z-axis vertical column allows movements with up to 100 mm/s—more than three times faster than conventional form measuring devices—for minimized cycle times. The newly developed automatic CNC centering and tilting table is a key factor in speeding up the total cycle time as it enables faster alignment…
The new portable unit brings features that were previously only available in PC-based systems to the mobile world. Features including automatic creation of measuring reports in PDF format, integration of a barcode or data matrix scanner, and printing reports to letter size paper are now all standard. An optional portable printer is also available…
This compact system was designed with motorized XYZ-axes and enables measurements to be performed directly on large parts for user-friendly surface analysis, anywhere it is needed. The CM mobile is robust and reliable enough to be used on the shop floor or in the field, and provides consistently high resolution even over large measuring areas.…
Mahr Inc. announced the addition of the variable-drive MarSurf VD series, which enables roughness and contour measurements to be performed on the same machine. The operator can easily and quickly change between a high-precision roughness probe system or a highly dynamic contour probe system, depending on the measuring task.
Mahr Inc. announced the addition of the MarSurf GD series for roughness measurements to its new line of surface measuring instruments. MarSurf GD series measuring stations provide high levels of speed, flexibility and intelligent ease of use, allowing users to improve the manufacturing quality of workpieces with faster throughput and higher…
Mahr Inc. introduces the MarSurf CM series of Optical 3D surface metrology systems for industry and research applications. The new MarSurf CM’s innovative confocal technology with high-precision 16-bit HDR technology delivers high-resolution 3D surface topography data, enabling new insights into surface structures and processing. Rugged…
Mahr Inc. announced that it has expanded its OPTIMAR 100, which is for testing dial and digital indicators, test indicators and dial comparators, with image processing for the automated testing of measuring equipment. A new upgrade kit now makes working with the measuring instrument safer and faster: a camera automatically records the indicated…
Mahr announced the launch of MarWin Millimar Cockpit software and Millimar N 1700 modules, an interactive new MarWin-based gaging software and modular-based gaging system that allow users to configure and implement simple to complex gaging solutions quickly and cost effectively. The system is designed to meet the ID, OD, length and simulated form…
Mahr Inc. offers the MarOpto MT 100, the first in a new series of Fizeau interferometer towers for measuring optics directly in production. Fizeau interferometers from Mahr are supported by the company's proprietary Intelliwave software to allow easy measurement of both radius and form deviations.
A new bore gage setting tool from Mahr Inc. makes setting up adjustable indicating instruments, such as Mahr's 844 N adjustable bore gage and 844 T universal ID/OD gage, quick and accurate. The Multimar 844 S bore gage setting tool uses gage block combinations and a simple hand clamping mechanism to set instruments in either the horizontal or…
Mahr wireless data transmission capability is now integrated within its new digital micrometer Micromar 40 EWRi. The new 40 EWRi is the latest addition to Mahr's Integrated wireless family of products, including digital calipers, Indicators and depth gages. Measurement data is transferred to an i-Stick on a computer without any interfering…
Mahr Federal expands its line of wireless gaging products to include a range of depth gaging products. Digital depth gage MarCal 30 EWR, MarCal specialty caliper 16 EWR and universal caliper 16 EWR all provide wireless data transmission of depth probe measurements.
Mahr Federal will offer its MarCom Professional metrology software version 5.2 as a free download from the website. MarCom 5.2 is a full-featured metrology software interface for connecting measuring instruments by cable or wireless.
Several new features have been added to Mahr Federal's Millimar C1200 Digital IC amplifier, increasing its application range and user security. The new functions include dynamic measurement capability, enhanced display tolerance viewing and password protection for the setup menu.
The MarSolutions team at Mahr Federal has developed a customized rpm gage for the dynamic measurement of cylindrical parts such as commutator shafts, turbocharger turbine shafts and other precision shafts in electric motors. The gage incorporates precision Vees and adjustable end-stops to support the shaft and define its axial position, and a…
Long a shop floor standard for precision ID and OD measurements, Mahr Federal's Multimar 36 B indicator gage has been enhanced to accept a wider range of contacts and anvils, enabling, for example, measurement of pitch, gear diameters, threads, taper diameters and recesses. It can also accept a Mahr Integrated Wireless Indicator for wireless…
Mahr Federal Inc. offers the MarSurf PS 10 roughness measuring unit. The MarSurf PS 10 from Mahr is a practical roughness measuring unit for mobile use.
With its broad range of measurement accessories, the new Multimar 25 EWR Digital Universal Caliper from Mahr Federal is a versatile and configurable caliper for ID and OD measurement requirements. Available in four capacities with outside measuring ranges up to 1,250 mm (50 in.), the 25 EWR is an ideal tool for measuring outside and inside…
Mahr Federal wireless data transmission capability is now integrated within its families of MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators using proven wireless technology. Both MarCal digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators send data to a small i-stick receiver, resembling a common USB flash drive.
New and improved, the Multimar 844 T Universal Measurement Gage from Mahr Federal is for large ID and OD gaging. Built on a finely ground, hard chrome-plated column, and available in a range of sizes, the Multimar 844 T can measure ODs and IDs up to 2,500mm with extreme sensitivity and accuracy. New Multimar 844 T gages now include a number of…
Mahr Federal Inc., Providence, R.I., recently introduced the next generation of waterproof digital calipers with the new MarCal 16 EWR. Featuring an ergonomic design with lapped guideways and a larger display, the MarCal 16 EWR is said to offer IP 67 protection against dust, coolants and lubricants, according to a Feb. 12 news release.
Mahr Federal, Providence, R.I., recently introduced an "entry level" surface finish and contour measuring system capable of generating both surface and contour measurements in a single pass, according to a company news release issued Jan. 21. The MarSurf® UD 130, which replaces the MarSurf UD 120, is said to offer improved nanometer…
Mahr Federal has introduced the Millimar C1200, a new low-cost easy-to-view and easy-to-use Digital IC Amplifier.
Mahr Federal has introduced a new addition to their growing family of optical shaft measurement systems.
TESA management recently discontinued production of its Brown & Sharpe Standard bore and snap gages. Mahr Federal bore and snap gages are available to replace these TESA products.
Mahr Federal Inc. has introduced a new high-precision measuring station to measure and evaluate optical components, including freeform, aspheric, and spherical lenses.
Mahr Federal has introduced an updated version of its Pocket Surf portable surface finish gage.
Mahr Federal has added a selectable resolution option to MarCator 1086 and 1087 digital indicators.
Mahr Federal's broad line of mechanical comparative gages can now be configured for wireless data transmission with the addition of a MarCator 1086 or 1087 wireless digital indicator.
Mahr Federal has introduced a new video measuring microscope with image processing capability.
Mahr Federal has introduced two new optical surface measuring systems designed to provide fast non-contact 3D scanning and evaluation of very small to medium sized surface details on a wide range of components, including optics.
Mahr Federal has introduced a new video measuring microscope with image processing capability, the flagship product for a new line of Mahr optical measuring instruments.
Mahr Federal has built wireless data transmission into its family of MarCal Digital Calipers, making them available for the same price as a typical wired caliper.
Mahr Federal Inc. has introduced a new high-precision 2D/3D measuring station for checking contour and surface topography of aspheric optical lenses and other components during multi-stage grinding and polishing operations.
Mahr Federal has introduced a long range indicator calibrator, the OPTIMAR 25. A precision benchtop instrument, the OPTIMAR 25 can be used for the calibration of a wide variety of precision measuring instruments.
A manufacturer of orthopedic implants needed to improve measurement and documentation proficiency of parts with literally hundreds of configurations. Air gaging from Mahr Federal was chosen because it could quickly and accurately measure precision tapers, along with being simpler and cheaper to engineer than any mechanical gages.
Mahr Federal has introduced a new, totally redesigned version of its MarShaft Scope, its high-precision, fully automatic optical measuring system for dimensional testing of turned parts.
Mahr Federal has introduced Standard Elements, a modular-based gaging system with standard components that allow users to configure and implement simple to complex gaging solutions quickly and cost effectively.
Mahr Federal Inc. offers a broad line of MarCal calipers for a range of outside, inside, depth, step, and compound measurements.
Mahr Federal has introduced the next generation of its well-established Micro-Dimensionair line of portable air gages. The new Micro-Dimensionair II incorporates the enhanced Micro-Maxum II Digital Indicator and an interchangeable handle to provide accurate, convenient readouts at the measurement site.
A full line of Rotary Stroke Bearings is available from Mahr Federal.
Mahr Federal has introduced a new Android App that lets users measure common surface roughness parameters using their Smartphones and other Android operating system devices.
Mahr Federal has introduced a new generation of instruments with a number of improvements and innovations. Reportedly, together the new LD 130 and 260 feature longer travel, the longest in the industry for the LD 260, the fastest positioning and measuring speeds in the industry, an innovative biomimetic probe arm design with magnetic mounting and…
With the introduction of the MarSurf XR 1 surface measuring system, Mahr has bridged the gap between portable surface measuring devices and larger, full-featured, PC-based surface measurement and evaluation systems.
Mahr Federal Inc. has made the process of surface evaluation better, easier and faster with the release of the latest upgrade to its surface metrology software, MarWin Version 5.0.
Mahr Federal Inc. has added a new MarConnect Integrated Wireless data transmission system to its family of MarCator Digital Indicators at prices that compete with typical wired systems.
In the world of high-precision metrology, all parts are elastic, which means they will deform to some extent under applied force, even if only by a few millionths of an inch. But certain parts, like thin-walled bearing rings, deform much more readily than others, to the point where it is extremely difficult for quality control technicians to…
Mahr Federal has introduced an economical and powerful skidless surface evaluation system to its MarSurf line of mobile surface metrology systems.
Mahr Federal Inc. has recently unveiled a major upgrade to the software platform for its surface metrology systems.
Mahr Federal Inc. has announced the addition of an economical and powerful new skidless surface evaluation system to its MarSurf line of mobile surface metrology systems.
Mahr Federal Inc. has introduced the next generation of its well-established μMaxμm line of digital indicators.
Mahr Federal Inc. has introduced a new version of its successfulmmQ 400 series.
Mahr Federal has introduced a new MarCheck measuring and evaluation unit for its high precision Linear 100 universal length measuring instrument.
Designed with production personnel in mind, the new Digimar 816 CL Height Gage from Mahr Federal Inc. provides accurate measurements without complicated procedures.
The MarSurf UD 120 from Mahr Federal Inc. can generate both surface and contour measurements in a single pass.
Mahr Federal Inc. has introduced a new option package for their MarForm mmQ 200 Formtester which provides the measurement of surface finish parameters according to accepted ISO, ASME and JIS standards.
MarSurf CD 140 AG 11 features an automated calibration routine for probe arms and a flexible workpiece holder that makes it easy to handle. Automatic tracing force selection assures the proper force is used when replacing several stylus tips. Operators can choose from a comprehensive range of clamps and workpiece holders, and this versatile…
Mahr Federal, Providence, R.I., will feature the MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus and MarCator Wireless Digital Indicators at Mfg4 2016, which is set for May 3-5 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Conn. Look for Mahr Federal at booth No. 1605.
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Dimensional metrology equipment manufacturer and member of the worldwide Mahr Group, Mahr Inc., Providence, R.I., announced that Karen Gardner joined the company as director of human resources.
Mahr Inc., Providence, R.I., promoted Don Foisy to director of operations to support continued company growth.
PROVIDENCE, RI – Mahr Inc., a provider of dimensional metrology solutions, closed a record year of success in 2018—including adding multiple key hires, opening new facilities across the United States, and introducing a number of innovative products.
Mahr Federal has named veteran communications professional J. Robin Palermo as director of marketing and customer service. In her new position, Palermo will direct and oversee all aspects of the company's marketing strategies and marketing communication programs as well as the customer service team.
Brett Green joined dimensional metrology equipment manufacturer Mahr Inc., Providence, R.I., as vice president of sales for the Americas.
Mahr Inc., Providence, R.I., and NanoFocus AG, a German manufacturer of 3D surface metrology, have signed a cooperation agreement.
Industry veteran brings more than 30 years of experience in the industrial automation sector to a leading precision measurement company.
Mahr Federal, Providence, R.I., recently named Stuart Manser Director of Sales, Precision Gages for North America. , Manser will be responsible for planning and directing the sales team for the Precision Gage product line, including defining sales territory and hiring sales staff.
Mahr Inc., Providence, R.I., announced that Lara Rapport joined the company as quality manager to support its continued growth and ongoing commitment to excellence.
PROVIDENCE, RI – September 6, 2018 –  Mahr Inc., a provider of dimensional metrology solutions, announced today a three-year extension of the company’s long-standing technology partnership with Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) to ensure the ultimate quality of designs for its racing teams through the use of metrology.