Techniks Cutting Tools

Techniks magnetic chucks are a fast workholding solution that reduces mold setup and/or changeover time by 50 percent, and allows machining on five sides. Use magnetic workholding for all types of milling, drilling, through-hole drilling and boring operations on all sizes of molds or other workpieces.
The sPINner machine from Techniks Industries quickly batch deburrs dozens of small parts. sPINner pin media deburrs where other media cannot reach and eliminates manual deburring, according to the company.
Techniks offers small, powerful EZ-Lift Magnets.
Techniks offers mold clamping magnets for all sizes of injection mold machines.
Techniks says its MagVISE workholding chucks are fast, reliable and save 50-60 percent on setup time.
Techniks continues to add to its new cutting tool offerings with the announcement of SDHF high feed end mills and face mills.
Techniks SFS12 Modular ShrinkFIT System delivers excellent accuracy and clearance at extended lengths.
For the last 35 years insert manufacturers have created a vast array of insert grades, overloading the market with "specialized" insert choices.
MagVISE magnetic chucks from Techniks provide faster setups and part change-over times than manual methods.
In its on-going effort to offer cutting tools designed to simplify manufacturing processes, Nexus Cutting Tools unveiled the newest addition to its line of high-performance turning inserts, Magia LT1000.
Nexus Cutting Tools introduces its SNKX high-feed insert.
Nexus Cutting Tools, a new product line from Techniks, introduces its new line of Lamina cutting inserts.
Nexus Cutting Tools, a new product line from Techniks Inc., introduces its patented ShrinkMILL facemill system.
Nexus Cutting Tools, a new product line from Techniks Inc., offers its patented ShrinkLOC system.
Techniks Inc.'s lineup of Nexus Cutting Tools includes face mills that feature an innovative shrink-fit connection to the arbor (ShrinkMILL), indexable end mills that also can be shrink-fit into a holder (PowerLOC), and high-performance inserts for milling, turning, and boring.
The sPINner machine from Techniks batch deburrs ferrous and non-ferrous parts produced on machining centers, swiss-type screw machines, and lathes.
Pinzbohr High Precision Modular Boring Tools from Techniks are unsurpassed for accuracy, rigidity, and repeatability.
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Techniks Industries, Indianapolis, in April announced it had acquired the tooling assets of Parlec Inc., a Rochester, N.Y., company. With the acquisition, Techniks expands its broad product offering of aftermarket machine tool accessories, and greatly enhances its manufacturing and distribution capabilities to distributors and OEMs located…
Riverside Tool Corp., Elkhart, Ind., a Techniks Industries company, has acquired Cape Coral, Fla.-based General Saw Corp.
Techniks Industries, Indianapolis, a portfolio company of Audax Private Equity, rebranded to Frontline Tooling Solutions.