Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.

According to Preben Hansen, president of Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., “We are now carrying a substantial inventory of live tools for our customers’ machines.  It represents a significant financial and warehouse space commitment that we have made to support the North American machine tool market.” 
Platinum Tooling announced that it has an extensive line of Heimatec tooling available for the new Haas BMT turret. Platinum Tooling is the master importer of Heimatec tools for North America.
Platinum Tooling, an importer of live tools, angle heads, marking tools, Swiss tools and multiple-spindle tools manufactured by various global suppliers, is now importing Henninger Speed Increasers for North America. The announcement was made by company president, Preben Hansen, at the company's headquarters in Prospect Heights, Illinois.
Heimatec Inc. announces immediate availability of marking and cleaning tools from its European partner Andreas Maier, under the AMF brand. The announcement was made by the president of Heimatec Inc., Preben Hansen. “This development brings additional products to our current customers and responds to the market needs for quality marking and…
Heimatec announces the availability of its Citizen tool program. This line includes both live and static tools for most Citizen lathes. Designed to optimize the machine’s parameters, these precision tools are efficient and cost effective.
Heimatec Inc. now offers products from Tecnicrafts Industries, a manufacturer of collets and guide bushings for Swiss-type CNC Lathes. Tecnicrafts is an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, with its manufacturing plant in South India with state-of-the-art machine tools and 115 technicians.
Heimatec offers live tooling for all popular models in the Hyundai, Miyano and Nakamura turning center lines. According to Preben Hansen, Heimatec president, “We’re carrying a substantial inventory of live tools for our customers’ machines now and it represents a substantial financial and warehouse space commitment we’ve made to support them in…
Heimatec announced that it will offer custom-designed and special tooling, in addition to its standard tooling line. Heimatec will design and build custom tools to suit specific requirements for all CNC lathes, regardless of application, brand or size.
Heimatec announces immediate availability of BMT (Base Mount Tooling) standard products. In addition to standard X- and Z-axis tools, styles such as adjustable tools, speed increasers and internal coolant tools with capabilities to 140 bar (2,000 psi) are available in an assortment of standard BMT tooling types, including BMT 45, 55, 65 and 75.
Heimatec Inc.’s line of 1:4 live tool speed multipliers enable tools to reach a maximum speed of 24,000 rpm. They are available for all popular live tool lathes. The speed multipliers are provided as axial or radial drilling and milling heads, with either internal or external coolant. Mounting configurations suit virtually any machine tool turret…
Heimatec announces immediate availability of its popular U-tec flexible adapter system on all right-angle heads in the company's line.
Heimatec, a world leader in live tools, angle and multispindle drill heads, announces availability of its newest development, a coolant-through feature on all the company's line items.
Heimatec announces immediate availability of its newest development, a line of standard and custom angle heads, available in all popular sizes and styles to accommodate machine tools and CNC machining center builders.
Heimatec announces immediate availability of its newest development, the HT Series quick-change tool adapter system.
Heimatec Inc.'s Unitec is a patented flexible tool adapter system that allows a standard ER output live tool to accept various adapters for different applications.
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Heimatec President Preben Hansen covers the company's assortment of standard and customized live and static tooling, including angle head and the company's patented UTEC quick-change tooling, during a video interview conducted during IMTS 2016 by Bernard & Company, an industrial advertising and public relations agency.
Platinum Tooling Technologies recently created a video highlighting the products the company would have exhibited at its booth during IMTS had the 2020 trade show not been canceled due to the pandemic.
In this video, Preben Hansen, the president of Platinum Tooling, displays and details his company's offerings for the machine tool market. 

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In a world where machine shops are struggling to stay open and maintain their business and in a
day when “going into dad’s business” is not what it once was, Platinum Tooling is an exception
to the rule. Located in Prospect Heights, Illinois, the company is set to reach an important milestone. In 2022, company President Preben Hansen…
Heimatec Inc., a specialist in live tooling for the North American machine tool industry, announced today that it will become part of a new corporation, Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc.
The company offers an expanded line of live and static tools for Swiss-type CNC automatic lathes.