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The editors and staff at Cutting Tool Engineering proudly present this searchable Buyers Guide, which is the Web-based version of our print Buyers Guide that we have published annually for the past 38 years. The CTE Buyers Guide is the metalworking industry's most comprehensive, user-friendly resource for locating suppliers of cutting and grinding products and services. Looking for Machine Shops? View our Directory of Machine Shops.

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Company City, State Manufacturer Categories Distributor Categories
Accu-Cut Diamond Tool Norridge, Illinois Boring Tools, Honing Machines, Honing Stones, Reamers, Tools (special/modified)
Allied Tool Products Milwaukee, WI Grooving Tools, Inserts, Taps, Threading Tools, Tools (special/modified)
AMAMCO Tool Greer, SC Burs, Counterbores, Countersinks, Drills, Endmills, Port Tools, Reamers, Routers, Tools (special/modified)
American Carbide Tool Co. Canton, OH Boring Tools, Form Tools, Inserts, Milling Cutters, Tools (special/modified)
American Shop Tools LLC Conroe, TX Boring Bars, Machine Tool Accessories, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified), Workholding
ATO Automation Diamond Bar, California Automation Systems, Control Systems, Digital Readout Systems, Monitoring Systems, Rotary Encoders, Tools (special/modified), Transducers
Briney Tooling Systems Bad Axe, MI Arbors, Chucks, Collets, Machine Tool Accessories, Spindles, Tapping Extensions, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified)
Carbide Tools Mfg. Inc. Menomonee Falls, WI Chamfering Tools, Coatings & Recoating Services, Drills, Endmills, Form Tools, Port Tools, Reamers, Tools (special/modified)
Chardon Tool Chardon, OH Fly Cutters, Materials, Materials/Diamond (natural), Materials/Diamond (synthetic), Polishing Tools, Scribing Tools, Tools (special/modified)
Chips Tool Repair Ramsey, MN Boring Bars, Countersinks, Drills, Endmills, Milling Cutters, Port Tools, Tool Blocks, Tools (special/modified)
Cline Tool Newton, IA Boring Bars, Boring Heads, Drills, Facing Heads, Reamers, Tools (special/modified)
Command Tooling Systems/EWS Group Ramsey, MN Boring Bars, Chucks, Reamers, Toolchangers, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified)
Complete Tool Grinding Inc. Fridley, MN Boring Bars, Brazing Compounds, Broaches, Centers, Chamfering Tools, Counterbores, Countersinks, Cutoff Blades, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Drills, Engraving Tools, Form Tools, Grinding Machines, Grooving Tools, Hand Tools, Inserts, Keyseat Cutters, Knives, Milling Cutters, Port Tools, Reamers, Saw Blades, Taps, Threading Tools, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified)
C.R.M. di Mazzoccato Arturo e Figli srl Fino Mornasco, CO Tools (special/modified)
Crowley Tool Co. Hendersonville, TN Counterbores, Fixtures, Fixturing/Modular, Form Tools, Inserts, Reamers, Shaver Cutters, Tools (special/modified)
Cutting Tool Engineers Pelham, AL Drills, Endmills, Tools (special/modified)
Dillon Chuck Jaws Springfield, OH Chucks, Coatings & Recoating Services, Collets, Coolants/lubricants/related Fluids, Fixtures, Jaws, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified), Vises, Workholding
E-BERK USA Torrance, CA Tools (special/modified)
ESCO Tool Holliston, MA Bolts/T-slots, Tools (special/modified)
Fullerton Tool Co. Saginaw, MI Drills, Endmills, Reamers, Saw Blades, Tools (special/modified)
Gage Assembly Co. Lincolnwood, IL Tools (special/modified)
Gaylee Saws Sterling Heights, MI Coolants/lubricants/related Fluids, Cutoff Blades, Engraving Tools, Knives, Saw Blades, Tools (special/modified)
Genesee Mfg. Co. Inc. Rochester, NY Boring Tools, Chamfering Tools, Counterbores, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Facing Heads, Inserts, Spotfacers, Tools (special/modified) Cutting Tools/Toolholders/Related Products
Gorilla Mill Waukesha, WI Drills, Endmills, Form Tools, Grinding Services, Port Tools, Tools (special/modified)
Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg. Inc. Peshtigo, WI Endmills, Saw Blades, Tools (special/modified), EDMing, Machining (CNC), Machining (Precision), Grinding (Cylindrical), Grinding (Surface), Grinding (Tool and Cutter)
Harvey Performance Co. Rowley, MA Chamfering Tools, Drills, Endmills, Engraving Tools, Keyseat Cutters, Milling Cutters, Reamers, Tools (special/modified)
E.P. Heller Co. Madison, NJ Boring Tools, Burs, Counterbores, Drills, Endmills, Files, Keyseat Cutters, Reamers, Tools (special/modified)
HellermannTyton Milwaukee, WI Tools (special/modified)
HORN USA Inc. Franklin, TN Boring Bars, Boring Tools, Broaches, Chamfering Tools, Chamfering Tools/Back, Cutoff Systems, Drills, Endmills, Form Tools, Grooving Tools, Inserts, Keyseat Cutters, Milling Cutters, Recessing Tools, Saw Blades, Spotfacers/Back, Threading Tools, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified)
Koma Precision Inc. East Windsor, CT Drill Heads, Heads, Machine Tool Accessories, Measuring & Inspection Systems, Presetters, Software/Quality Control, Software/Tool Management, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified) Cutting Tools/Toolholders/Related Products, Machine Tool Attachments, Measuring Tools/Quality Control Products
Lenzkes Clamping Tools Inc. Christiansburg, VA Bolts/T-slots, Clamps, Fasteners, Machine Tool Accessories, Toolchangers, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified), Washers/Parts, Workholding Cutting Tools/Toolholders/Related Products, Machine Tool Attachments, Workholders/Fixtures/Related Products
Link Industries, A Link Group Company Indian River, MI Chamfering Tools, Counterbores, Countersinks, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Drills, Port Tools, Spotfacers, Tools (special/modified)
Macro Tool & Machine Co. Inc. LaGrangeville, NY Design Services, Engraving Tools, Fixtures, Fixturing/Modular, Grinding Services, Machine Tool Accessories, Tools (special/modified), Workholding
MD Tooling Howell, MI Arbors, Boring Heads, Collets, Drill Heads, Facing Heads, Hobs, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified)
Meyer Tool & Mfg. Oak Lawn, IL Tools (special/modified)
Midwest Industrial Tool Grinding Inc. Hutchinson, MN Broaches, Chamfering Tools, Counterbores, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Drills, Endmills, Form Tools, Keyseat Cutters, Reamers, Threading Tools, Tools (special/modified)
Midwest Ohio Tool Co. Upper Sandusky, OH Arbors, Boring Bars, Boring Heads, Chamfering Tools, Facing Heads, Form Tools, Milling Cutters, Reamers, Spotfacers, Tools (special/modified)
New England Die Co. Inc. Waterbury, CT Centers, Cold Heading Tools, Die Blanks, Die Sinker Machines, Dies, EDM Equipment & Accessories, Fixtures, Form Tools, Grinding Services, Lapping Compounds/Equipment, Mandrels, Marking Machines/Equipment, Tools (special/modified), Wear Parts
Nicholas Precision Works North Manchester, IN Tools (special/modified)
NT USA Corp. Franklin, TN Chucks, Collets, Measuring & Inspection Systems, Recessing Tools, Tapholders, Tapping Attachments, Tapping Extensions, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified)
NTM Inc. Minneapolis, MN Boring Bars, Drills, Endmills, Form Tools, Keyseat Cutters, Port Tools, Tools (special/modified)
Pilot Precision Products South Deerfield, MA Broaches, Bushings, Chamfering Tools, Countersinks, Drills, Endmills, Reamers, Tools (special/modified)
Pioneer NA Elk Grove Village, IL Chucks, Machine Tool Accessories, Tapholders, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified) Cutting Tools/Toolholders/Related Products, Machine Tool Attachments, Workholders/Fixtures/Related Products
The Pitbull Clamp Co. Inc. Boylston, MA Clamps, Machine Tool Accessories, Tools (special/modified), Workholding
Polygon Solutions Inc. Fort Myers, FL Blanks & Tips, Broaches, Fixtures, Machine Tool Accessories, Measuring & Inspection Systems, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified)
Precision Brand Products Inc. Downers Grove, IL Clamps, Coatings & Recoating Services, Machine Tool Accessories, Materials/Steel, Measuring & Inspection Systems, Tools (special/modified), Washers/Parts
Precision Cutting Tools LLC La Palma, CA Coatings & Recoating Services, Drills, Endmills, Tools (special/modified)
Preg Magnetics Inc. Johnsburg, IL Machines/Coil Preparation, Tools (special/modified)
Pro Ultrasonics Nebo, NC Cleaning/degreasing Equipment, Finishing Equipment, Machine Tool Accessories, Machine Tool Maintenance/Remanufacture, Polishing Services, Polishing Tools, Tools (special/modified), Ultrasonic Equipment, Washers/Parts
Quality Chaser Co. Romeo, MI Chasers, Threading Tools, Tools (special/modified)
RTS Cutting Tools Inc. Clinton Township, MI Counterbores, Drills, Endmills, Port Tools, Reamers, Tools (special/modified)
Sauter North America Inc. Rochester, MI Rotary Encoders, Tool Blocks, Tool Turrets, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified)
Slater Tools Clinton Township, Michigan Broaches, Centers, Measuring & Inspection Systems, Recessing Tools, Shaper Cutters, Spline Tools, Tools (special/modified)
Stark Industrial LLC North Canton, OH Centers, Drills, Endmills, Form Tools, Measuring & Inspection Systems, Tools (special/modified) Workholders/Fixtures/Related Products
STS Wichita, KS Countersinks, Drills, Endmills, Reamers, Spotfacers, Tools (special/modified)
Tensitron Longmont, CO Measuring & Inspection Systems, Quality Control Equipment, Tools (special/modified), Transducers
THINBIT Ft. Wayne, IN Boring Bars, Boring Tools, Form Tools, Grooving Tools, Inserts, Marking Machines/Equipment, Threading Tools, Toolholders, Tools (special/modified)
Tool Systems Inc. Cleveland, OH Carbide Recycling, Grinding Services, Inserts, Tools (special/modified) Abrasives/Grinding Supplies & Equipment, Coolants/Lubricants/Related Products, Cutting Tools/Toolholders/Related Products, Machine Tool Attachments, Machine Tools/Metalcutting, Machine Tools/Non-Traditional, Measuring Tools/Quality Control Products, MRO Products, Safety Products, Workholders/Fixtures/Related Products
Toppla Portable Toilet Co. Ltd. Xiamen, Fujian Hand Tools, Tools (special/modified), Waste Treatment Equipment
U.S. Tool Group Farmington , MO Grinding Services, Tools (special/modified)