Briney Tooling Systems worked closely with a manufacturer to develop a special dual-contact, CAT 50, stick turning toolholder for an Okuma MacTurn 550 mill/turn center. The customer had some special turning stick tools that were 1.5-inches square and there was no standard for the lathe stick tools.
Briney Tooling Systems, Bad Axe, Mich., recently expanded its test bar offering to include CAT40 and CAT50 models; BT30, BT40 and BT50 models, and HSK50A, HSK63A, HSK80A and HSK100A models, according to a Feb. 9 news release. Briney also offers special test bar designs.
Briney Tooling Systems' Thermax II is a compact induction heating unit for shrink-fit toolholders. It is suitable for inserting and removing HSS and carbide cutting tools from any design of shrink-fit toolholders, such as ANSI and DIN.
Justin London, a sales technician and draftsman with Briney Tooling Systems, discussed the proper "Recipe for Quality Toolholders" as one of the Fast Track Seminars hosted at the Cutting Tool Engineering booth during IMTS 2010.