NT Tool’s angle heads add a new cutting axis to existing machines, allowing you to machine from additional angles without the need for tilt tables. By building a new axis into the toolholder itself, machining plants can save greatly on setup costs and expensive investments in new machinery.
NT Tool’s Hyper Spindles use a 1:5 ratio internal gear system to multiply the RPM of existing machines up to 5 times at the cutting edge, with a maximum of 30,000 min-1, according to a recent announcement from the Franklin, Tenn., company.
Even with minimal runout near the nose of the holder, conventional collet holders frequently see larger runout when measured at the cutting edge of longer tools. NT Tool’s original “R” Zero system eliminates this problem by utilizing a four-point adjustment mechanism to adjust runout at the tool tip to as low as 0µm to 2µm.
NT Tool offers its R-Zero runout adjustment system in its CTZ toolholders for large cutting tool diameters.
NT Tool's Easy Preset Collet Holders are designed to increase setup speeds and minimize downtime on the shop floor.
NT Tool offers its high-accuracy hydraulic chucks in the slim-bodied PHC-S holder ideal for use in tight spaces.
William Leventon
Feature Article