The H330 Series is engineered exclusively for high-speed milling of Aluminum applications.
PCT says its IXC series is engineered with a 45° protective corner chamfer and coolant holes to eliminate chipping on the cutting edge and permit efficient chip evacuation. The tool’s design consists of distinctive triple-margin for advanced precision and a smooth finish on the part.
PCT’s NXC series is engineered specifically for nickel-based drilling applications. The tool’s design features a double- margin geometry, coolant holes and a slow helix to provide you with advanced chip evacuation and a stronger cutting edge.
Precision Cutting Tools says its new Hi-Depth Long Drills (40xD-50xD) have proven to be a huge success in deep-hole drilling applications.
Precision Cutting Tools Inc. has implemented EdgeCut in the production of its cutting tools, to improve cutter performance.
Precision Cutting Tools' FXC Series, solid-carbide, straight-flute drills are engineered for drilling aluminum alloys and gray cast iron.
Precision Cutting Tool Inc.'s solid-carbide Hi-Depth Long Drills are for making holes 40 to 50 diameters deep. The through-coolant drills have self-centering capabilities for peck-free machining, according to the company.
The new CurveCut powder metal endmills from Precision Cutting Tools Inc. have a roughing and finishing design, which enables excellent results for Titanium, Stainless Steel and other alloys metals.
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Precision Cutting Tools has improved it’s 360 series endmill for 2019. The design consists of the eccentric OD, a sharp corner, a larger gullet and a ground 1° radial land.