EdgeCut Edge Preparation

June 01, 2015

Precision Cutting Tools Inc. has implemented EdgeCut in the production of its cutting tools, to improve cutter performance. Edge Cut is a manufacturing process that consists of adding a controlled radius on the cutting tool's edge (also known as honing/edge preparation). This process is said to create an even and stronger cutting edge which reduces the risk of edge chipping/cracking and dissipates the stress and force focus.

In addition, this method also increases coating adhesion, providing efficient chip evacuation and wear resistance. As a result, tools with EdgeCut have shown significant improvement in performance compared to tools without any edge preparation; they achieve considerably higher speeds and feeds and longer tool life, the company says.

Related Glossary Terms

  • wear resistance

    wear resistance

    Ability of the tool to withstand stresses that cause it to wear during cutting; an attribute linked to alloy composition, base material, thermal conditions, type of tooling and operation and other variables.