Slater Tools announces its range of indexable punch broaches and holders to machine shapes in workpieces where rotary broaching may not be feasible. Such cases include (greater) depth of operation, tough materials, tooth height, chip evacuation challenges and applications that require orientation.
Slater Tools introduces its new and comprehensive product line of GO/NO-GO gage sets for customer-specific applications. The full range of gages are designed and engineered precisely to inspect parts for machining process variations, such as form size, twist and tool wear.
Slater Tools’ new indexable punch broach toolholder facilitates punch or index broaching on a CNC lathe or mill. When rotary broaching is not an option due to the need to remove full form, excessive material and/or depth, static punch broaching is the preferred method of CNC broaching.
Slater Tools has expanded its accessory line to include GO/NO-GO inspection gages. In addition to standard sizes, inspection gages can be manufactured to custom specifications to help aid customers with manufacturing quality assurance.
Slater Tools' highly-engineered internal adjustment-free tool holders allow trapped air and hydraulic pressure to escape during "full-form" applications.
William Leventon
Feature Article