When it comes to flawlessly clamping and positioning workpieces, the flexible, adjustable and enclosed 82L-3E Series Power Clamps are the perfect choice for users. Specifically, the 82L-3E’s opening angle can be quickly adjusted with just one tool, which helps guarantee maximum flexibility of use.
The user-friendly new models allow for fast handling and enable their users to build up applications more efficiently with little interference contour. The 503-MLBR and 533-LBR clamps are fully interchangeable with models having the same specifications, other models are available upon request.
The front-mount option is available for inclusion on a total of four manual clamps that can be used with both vertical and horizontal handle action. The two vertical operating models – 2002-UF and 2007-UF – provide enlarged space for manual operations and increased safety. The horizontal versions – models 225-UF and 235-UF – have a flat design…
Receiving the most extensive quality enhancements is the Model 802-U Manual Clamp. The updates include an upgraded air cylinder that ensures the clamp’s exerting force is less than the maximum holding capacity when operated at normal pressure, which extends service life; new composite bearings on the trunnion mount and cylinder pivot point that…
Destaco is launching its TCC-2E Series Tolerance Compensation Clamps (TCC), which provide greater flexibility in welding and assembly applications that require the clamping of components of differing thicknesses or tighter tolerances.
DESTACO announced its high-performance 5000 series manual toggle clamps have been enhanced with DESTACO Toggle-Lock Plus technology, providing increased safety for heavier-duty applications. Available globally, the new generation of 5000 series straight-line action clamps includes DESTACO Toggle-Lock Plus, a secondary locking mechanism, ideal for…
DE-STA-CO has upgraded its innovative 9500 series pneumatic swing clamp to make it more versatile and easier to install.
DE-STA-CO is expanding its custom manufacturing capabilities to provide OEM and end-users with application-designed productivity tools out of the box.
DE-STA-CO's new 8700 series pneumatic lever clamp is a lightweight, space-saving alternative to traditional pneumatic toggle and swing clamps, giving fixture builders a reliable option for tight spaces.
DE-STA-CO introduces a new electric pivot unit that is smaller and lighter than traditional pneumatic units, while providing uniform torque and enhanced versatility.
The new 82M-3E Series of enclosed pneumatic power clamps from DE-STA-CO provides automotive and sheet metal processing customers with superior holding power in a versatile, user-friendly and low-maintenance package.
DE-STA-CO announces the release of a new product, the CAMCO RSD rotary servo drive.