CAMCO RSD Rotary Servodrive

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February 01,2011

DE-STA-CO announces the release of a new product, the CAMCO RSD rotary servo drive. The RSD was designed to meet customers' exacting requirements for precise control, efficiency, and flexibility. The zero-backlash, cam-actuated drive can be used with both rotary and linear systems for accurate, smooth motions even at high speeds or with rapid speed changes.

The new drive is compatible with a variety of industry-standard servo motors, offering the flexibility and logic to handle applications that involve uneven motion or displacement, change in direction, or different products running on the same machine. A large output mounting surface enables the RSD to support dials and high loads. Its thru hole can easily accommodate accessory lines such as electrical wiring and air or hydraulic lines.

"The RSD is priced competitively with planetary gear heads, while offering the key advantages of a cam actuator," said Lou Wozniak, Product Manager for DE-STA-CO. "The RSD also offers ratios of 4:1 to 18:1 in a single stage. That's another big advantage over planetary gear heads, which require two stages and a longer housing for higher ratios."

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