Move a sump cleaner safely through plant between collection, treatment or disposal with CB6 walk/ride transport base from CECOR. Sump cleaner is mounted on a battery-powered pallet truck with stand-on platform for easy driving.
The new single-phase electric, 60-gal. Sump Shark sump cleaner is available from Cecor Inc. With a suction lift of 13” Hg or 177” water and pumping rate of 60 gpm, the SE15-60PL can suck up an entire sump of metalworking fluid entrained with sludge or chips in just minutes.
CECOR heavy-duty carts can be fitted with frames that allow users to dump loads from a forklift or hook hoist. The frame is secured to the cart with trunnion pins, which can be adjusted to accommodate loads that range from light and bulky to heavy and dense.
CECOR announces a special F23-S filter for its SA5-175PT Sump Shark specifically for waterjet cutting applications.
Because the manufacturing floor space is a premium, Cecor designed the DB-244-6P industrial cart to make the best use of floor space.
The SE30 sump cleaner/filter from CECOR has six wheels for easy maneuverability and longitudinal fork sleeves for stable forklift transport.
The L44 Low Profile Cart from Cecor Inc. is designed to eliminate bending and moving heavy plastic totes or makeshift bins across the shop floor.
CECOR introduces the Extra Power Combination Coolant Sump cleaner/Dispenser, Model CP50-200/200CB5, for coolant recycling programs in larger metal machining operations.
CECOR announces a recent addition to their heavy duty cart line.
Cleaning a sump today no longer means shutting down the machine for a half a day while someone bails the slimy coolant from the sump with a bucket. Sump cleaning today, using a high-vacuum sump cleaner, can be done in a matter of minutes. CECOR's small propane-powered sump cleaner (Model SP50-175PL6) delivers powerful pumping without electric…
Kip Hanson
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