Magnetic Countersunk Neodymium Round-Base Assemblies

August 01, 2017
Magnetic Countersunk Neodymium Round-Base Assemblies

Master Magnetics Inc. says magnetic countersunk neodymium round-base assemblies provide amazing strength in a small size. These new countersunk magnets broaden the company's product line (The Magnetic Source) and provide users with another option for workholding and mounting.

They are suitable for holding or mounting tools, equipment, fixtures and other items in manufacturing. Designed for small spaces where compact, strong attachments are required, like work stations, warehouses or tooling areas.
Often, the benefit of utilizing a magnet is the ability to reposition it where it’s needed. But by providing a countersunk hole, the magnet can be fixed to a location, allowing the metal items to be repositioned as needed. Or the magnet can be attached to an item that needs magnetic mounting capability.

Manufactured with neodymium, the strongest magnet material in the world, these magnets pack industrial-strength holding power into a small footprint. The countersunk magnetic assemblies also feature:
• Zinc-Plated Housing. This durable finish offers quality corrosion resistance.
• Countersunk Hole. The standard size hole provides option for flush surface attachment.
• Grade 35 Neodymium Magnets. These rare earth magnets provide superior holding strength in a small size.

Available in nine sizes, ranging in width from 0.618 to 3 inches and with pull strength of 11 pounds to 280 pounds.

Related Glossary Terms

  • corrosion resistance

    corrosion resistance

    Ability of an alloy or material to withstand rust and corrosion. These are properties fostered by nickel and chromium in alloys such as stainless steel.


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