Drill Extensions

Star Cutter Express

There are two stocked and standard product offerings where gundrills are delivered within 24 hours of the order. The SFGD Express program is for Single Flute Gundrills in diameters from 0.1250” - 0.7500” (3.175mm - 19.050mm) and lengths up to 48” (1219mm). The SCGD Express program is for Single Flute Solid Carbide Gundrills with standard ½” steel shanks in diameters from 0.0355”- 0.1969” (0.902mm - 5.000mm) in lengths from 4”- 12” (102mm - 305mm), depending on the tool diameter.  

D3120 Indexable Insert Drill

Available in diameter sizes ranging from 0.562-1.375 in. and 16-42 mm with 2, 3, 4 x Dc, the new drill delivers maximum process reliability with simple and efficient chip removal, two coolant channels and polished flutes. Superior protection against friction is provided by the D3120 hardened and polished surfaces. This combination of surface hardness and improved coolant flow results in reduced wear on the drill surface.

KenTIP FS FEG Insert

Drilling flat-bottom holes is a challenge. So is drilling on inclined or curved surfaces, drilling into cross holes, drilling stacked plates, and drilling into cross holes, stacked plates and castings and other rough surfaces. Not anymore. Leveraging the success of its KenTIP FS modular drill, Kennametal has developed a unique insert geometry (FEG) that streamlines many of these types of applications and simplifies the drilling of counterbores and pilot holes as well.

FH3125 Grade Guide Pad

FH3125 is a new grade specifically developed to enhance the guide pad’s wear resistance in machining various materials. The dedicated carbide substrate of the grade is designed to reduce guide pad breakage, providing long and predictable tool life in deep hole processes. The corners of both ends of the guide pad are designed to allow smooth entry into the guide bushing or pilot hole to control vibration impact and further decrease the risk of rupture.


The latest additions include inserts with 0.8 mm (.032″) nose radius in versatile AH725 grade. 0.8 mm nose radius will provide the cutting edge with strength, preventing edge fracture for predictable tool life. In addition, AH725 enhances the insert’s wear resistance during machining of various materials, ensuring high precision and boosts productivity. 

DrillMeister Chamfering Holders

DrillMeister offers the TIDCF chamfering holder that can be attached to the TID drill shank allowing chamfering and drilling in a single pass for reduced machining times. The chamfering inserts are available for 30°, 45°, and 60° chamfers. The new TIDCF holder line can accommodate smaller drills in diameters from 7.5 mm to 9.9 mm (.295" - .390") for improved machining processes.