Building off the success of the AdvantEdge 7.0 release in January, Third Wave Systems (TWS) continues its focus on improving user productivity with the release of AdvantEdge 7.1.
Third Wave Systems has released version 7.0 of its metal cutting modeling product, AdvantEdge.
Third Wave Systems announced its enhanced indexable drilling capability.
Third Wave Systems has released version 6.4 of AdvantEdge.
Machining modeling solutions provider Third Wave Systems offers version 6.0 of its finite element analysis product, Third Wave AdvantEdge.
Third Wave Systems has released version 6.1 of its NC program optimization software, Production Module.
Third Wave Systems introduced its newest machining modeling capabilities: part distortion and tool deflection.
Machining modeling software developer Third Wave Systems' AdvantEdge FEM 5.8 is a material physics-based software solution for optimizing metal cutting, providing detailed information about chip formation, temperatures, stresses, and forces for machining processes.
Third Wave Systems has announced the upcoming release of Production Module version 5.9.
Third Wave Systems has released AdvantEdge FEM Version 5.7 predictive, material physics-based software.

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