AdvantEdge 7.0 Metalcutting Modeling Software

January 01, 2015

Third Wave Systems has released version 7.0 of its metal cutting modeling product, AdvantEdge. New features to the finite element software include enhanced indexable drilling capabilities, thin coating enhancements, a new Japanese Language Quick Analysis Window and performance improvements for rotating tooling.

As premier cutting tool providers continue to be pressured by the growing costs of raw materials, they face an increasing competition within the industry to lower costs. Beginning with the holemaking tooling segment, Third Wave Systems has responded to customer needs by releasing major enhancements for modeling indexable drilling applications with the AdvantEdge 7.0 release. This enhancement includes geometry and feed-based workpiece generation, chip load-based adaptive meshing parameters and supports both insert and tool holder modeling.

Anticipating the larger hole sizes created with indexable drills, performance improvements in the 7.0 release focus on reducing rotating tooling simulation time.

"AdvantEdge 7.0 is our direct response to address customer requests and market needs," Kerry Marusich, Third Wave Systems President, said. "The enhancements made to AdvantEdge are expected to decrease the engineering time from problem to solution, while increasing tool design and process analysis."

This newest version of AdvantEdge continues the tradition of releases allowing engineers to more efficiently and effectively answer machining problems. This version of AdvantEdge includes the flexible licensing upgrade introduced in the previous version. This rethink of AdvantEdge licensing allows customers to simulate both big and small problems and complements indexable drilling simulations by enabling increased parallelization which reduces an engineer's time to solution.


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