AdvantEdge 7.1 Metalcutting Modeling Software

May 01, 2015

Building off the success of the AdvantEdge 7.0 release in January, Third Wave Systems (TWS) continues its focus on improving user productivity with the release of AdvantEdge 7.1. Enhancements include: radial and tangential per flute forces; prediction for simulation time remaining; verification documentation and three additional materials.

Radial and tangential per flute force output (supported for most AdvantEdge 3D rotating tool processes) is calculated automatically when force per flute data collection turned on. This enables intuitive understanding of results as well as comparison of radial and tangential forces on each flute.

Prediction of simulation time remaining allows users to be more efficient and effective with their use of AdvantEdge. The prediction is an estimate based on current calculation speed, length of cut and length of cut remaining. This new feature will allow for early-on decision making and is calculated automatically.

"Third Wave Systems continues to focus on software enhancements which are efficient and effective," Kerry Marusich, Third Wave Systems president, said. "This latest release serves a user-base with increased responsibilities and fewer resources."

Third Wave Systems will also be including our first release verification document for AdvantEdge Users. Current verification done at TWS utilizes proprietary methods and customer data making it unsuitable for release. This document has been created using standard, non-proprietary, simple test cases and shows the comparison to analytical data in a form which is easily understood. Releases following version 7.1 will include these current tests and additional simple cases for user reference.

Three stainless steel materials were added to this release, including: M152, ASTM A182 Grade F55 and ASTM A705 Type 630.