AdvantEdge FEM Version 5.7

January 01, 2011

Third Wave Systems has released AdvantEdge FEM Version 5.7 predictive, material physics-based software. The software provides detailed information about heat flow, temperatures, stresses and forces for machining processes to optimize metalcutting and cutting tool design, the company reports. The software also provides users with data not available from trial-and-error tests. A new elliptical motion feature is for modeling processes, such as elliptical vibration-assisted machining.

Related Glossary Terms

  • metalcutting ( material cutting)

    metalcutting ( material cutting)

    Any machining process used to part metal or other material or give a workpiece a new configuration. Conventionally applies to machining operations in which a cutting tool mechanically removes material in the form of chips; applies to any process in which metal or material is removed to create new shapes. See metalforming.