The MOTIACT mechatronic gripper series is the ideal solution for performing precise, consistent, and accurately monitored gripping operations for moving parts, pallets, and chucks in and out of CNC machines and automated work cells. These first-in-class grippers are equipped with an incremental measuring system to guarantee adjusting gripping…
Since users are holding the part for the base, setups are dramatically reduced. Pole extensions allow users to raise the piece from the magnet surface making the top, inner and outer diameters fully machinable. This process dramatically reduces part distortion due to clamping with ZERO distortion and allowing for far more accurate part processing.
Working on 5 axes allows the use of shorter tools to increase the feeds and the cutting speed. With a machine equipped with this technology, it is easier to carry out complex operations with 5-side access to the part including: complete profiling, the undercut working, the through holes, and the creation of pockets.
Ideal for handling the harsh demands of the Oil and Gas industry, Big Bore and all of its variations is ideal for machining straight pipe, bent pipe and threading of couplings in two setups. This revolutionary chuck also offers extended jaw stroke for greater clearance to ensure safety for the and loading and unloading of the many variations…
Ideal for Industry 4.0, ZeroAct e-motion features wireless connectivity and data transfer, and fully automates manufacturing processes using a 24V power supply that operates with a built-in electro-motor. In addition, integrated electronic sensor technology provides contact-free part detection and safety for missing or misaligned parts.
Available in diameters of 800 mm and 1200 mm (custom sizes per application requirements), the Series 800 offers a maximum swing of 1100 mm and max weight of 1500 kg for the fixture plate and components. The Series 1200 features a maximum swing of 1700 mm and weight of 2000 kg. Both models feature an RPM of 0 to 3 and are available in voltages of…
Ideal for everyday use, the CC e-motion offers unbeatable accuracy and flexibility for high or low volume turning, inspection and finishing operations while providing fast, seamless machine integration. Optimum for either heavy duty or precision machining of any workpiece geometry, the chuck allows users to not only program the cutting cycle, but…
Ideal to handle the harsh demands of the Oil and Gas industry, BB-FZA2G allows for quick and easy setup of odd shaped pipe for threading and re-threading. Thanks to incorporating three jaws with axial adjustment of the centering position while also using three compensating jaws with extra long rapid and clamping stroke of 1.5”, there is no need to…
Effectively used for hard turning, gear grinding, drilling, milling and more, COMOT-AZ provides low deformation clamping of thin-walled workpieces and offers a large selection of standard collets available in round, square, hexagonal, and special configurations when needed for virtually all sizes of spindles.
The economical, easy to use WPS Mini features manual Zero Point clamping that attaches directly to the workpiece, provides maximum holding force of 25 kN and highest repeatability of <0.005 mm. Single quick actuation provides rapid open and closing of the module with only a 270° rotation.
Ideal for CNC lathe applications, BP’s large through hole provides tremendous flexibility for virtually any application where a standard chuck is used including: O.D. and I.D. clamping, bar stock clamping and shaft clamping. Easily convert BP to a collet chuck using collet pads for small diameter parts. 
With an ultralow profile of 40 mm and extremely flat design, ZeroAct is ideal for any zero-point application especially those where the z-axis travel of the spindle is critical. The ZeroAct features rapid open and closing of the modules and simultaneous actuation with one simple twist of the wrist generating 15kN clamp force. Easily actuate…
Each jaw of the MM e-motion is independently controlled and monitored by an individual electro-mechanical drive, which allows for many clamping functions including self-centering, compensating, and individual jaw movement all within one fully automated chuck.
Ideal for high volume lathe and mill turn applications, the HFKS-2G is optimum for heavy duty precision machining of easily deformed workpieces. Thanks to flats on the chuck body technology and lighter weight, the ability to use shorter tools to gain closer access to workpieces provides added parts precision and cost efficiency.
Providing excellent repeatability that is guaranteed within 10 microns, the CCS can be installed in under three minutes on new or existing lathes that saves time and increases operator productivity. A standard adapter system provides automatic push off and easy mounting to all types of traditional or custom workholding including 2-jaw chucks, 3-…
Standard couplers are axial couplers with threaded fasteners commonly used in sensor technology. With their method of fixing these are easy to install and are quickly integrated, thanks to their plug & play functionality. The built-in LED display notifies the user of the system's status at all times. Radial couplers for rotary…
Ideal for CNC machining applications, the SJL provides the highest accuracy for thin-walled and deformation-sensitive workpieces. Unique to the SJL is the ability to be switched from a 2+2+2 lever equalizing chuck to classic 6-jaw self-centering chuck depending on application requirements.
SMW Autoblok introduces the versatile four-in-one Centco4 2+2 self-centering and compensating chuck. The Centco4’s engineering and flexibility enables it to securely and efficiently clamp virtually any type or shape of geometric part including round, cubic, angular and irregular.
SMW Autoblok introduces the WPS/APS workpiece positioning system featuring manual zero point clamping system used in a variety of machining applications, including turning, milling, inspection and finishing.
SMW Autoblok's newest air chuck design is the BIG BORE BB-EXL-SC2G.
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SMW-Autoblok Corp. President Larry Robbins provided a tour of the company's booth at Eastec 2023, highlighting an array of its products for stationary workholding as well as measuring the grip force of a part.

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Wheeling, Illinois – SMW Autoblok, which focuses on the design and manufacture of rotational chucks, stationary workholding, tooling and custom-engineered solutions for the machine tool industry, announced that Shaun Thomas rejoined the Wheeling, Illinois, company as technical operations senior manager.
SMW Autoblok Group, a leader in the design and manufacture of rotational chucks, stationary workholding, tooling, automation, and custom engineered solutions for the machine tool industry, has appointed Larry Robbins as the company’s new President and CEO of their U.S, corporation