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The GT 342 enables machining of bars from 0.12” to 1.73” (3-44 mm) and can guide bars from 32” (800 mm) to 12’.6” (3810 mm) in length.  The new toolless channel design allows for partial changeovers of under 2 minutes with full changeover times of less than 7 minutes.  Once unlocked, the lower channels simply slide out while the upper channel…
MH140 fits most machine coolant tanks, and the small footprint – no larger than a standard conveyor – saves valuable floor space. A unique frame design using high-strength materials enables the conveyor to withstand extreme loads, torsional forces and abrasion for trouble-free operation and long life.
An advanced touchscreen HMI enables automatic, partial changeovers in 15 seconds or less, and one minute or less for complete changeovers. Additionally, the user-friendly HMI uses QR codes for easy servicing, forecasting tools and a 500-part setup library. The bar feeder’s newly designed main cover lifts upward for easier access.
New LNS Chipblaster S-Series Coolant Systems improve CNC machine performance, take up less floor space and are easy to install and maintain. The S-Series is available in fixed or variable rate (flow and pressure) models.
Product details that provide reliability, long-life and ease of operation include: User-friendly touch screen HMI that makes it easy for operators to change temperature settings and monitor all activities. High efficiency scroll compressor that reduces vibrations for smoother, quieter operation.
With filtration to 50 microns, the machine sump remains free of contaminants, pumps are protected from damage, and only clean coolant recirculates through the machining process. This reduces maintenance costs, extends both tooling and coolant life and improves machine uptime.
The control enhances the user-friendliness of the Quick Load Servo S3+, a bar feeder that is well suited for unattended and lights-out production thanks to its proven robustness and reliability. Accommodating spindle length bars with diameters from ¼” to 4 – ¾”, the bar feeder enables partial changeovers in 15 seconds or less and complete…
The FullShop Automated Coolant Management System from 168 Manufacturing automatically manages coolant levels and concentrations by sensing and pumping properly mixed coolant to as many as 120 CNC machines. Meanwhile, the LNS Venturi Pump continuously removes and filters coolant from the chip hopper and returns it to the machine sump, thus…
The LNS Fox SC2 700 Spray Cabin uses a powerful, low-noise, single-phase fan motor to produce 530 CFM air flow. A handy side tray holds multiple parts to speed the cleaning process. Both models have 4 caster wheels for easy mobility, a neatly stored 15-foot air gun, and a compact design that occupies minimal floor space.
Effective April 1, 2021 the names of each of these models will also change. B, F or V will be the first letter of each product name. ChipBLASTER options including Chillers, Mist Collectors, Oil Removal Systems, Cyclonic Filtration and Sludge Tank remain unchanged. Additionally, an inexpensive wash wand that uses coolant to wash down the inside of…
Designed and manufactured by LNS for easy maintenance, the HE 1000 filters typically require cleaning once or twice each year and the variable speed motor enables infinite airflow for any application, thus further reducing maintenance. The HE 1000 electrostatic oil mist collector compliments the existing LNS FOX air filtration product line that…
The LNS Fox SC2 330 Spray Cabin has a high-efficiency filtration system that eliminates more than 99% of contaminants (Afnor 440060). A powerful, low-noise, single-phase fan motor draws air at 344 CFM through a washable pre-filter and then through the long-life, easily accessible main filter. An acrylic visor helps protect operators from oil and…
The new GT 112-E automatic magazine bar feeder from LNS is suitable for sliding headstock machines running unattended or lights-out production using small bar stock with diameters from 0.8 mm to 11 mm (12.7 mm with bar preparation). A dual U-shaped guiding channel with a patented sectional guiding channel cover, combined with a self-centering bar…
The LNS Group is implementing e-CONNECT solutions to integrate the company's products, in particular bar feeders, into its customers ERP (enterprise resource planning) and MES (manufacturing execution system) software.
A new cyclonic coolant filtration kit from LNS extends coolant life and reduces disposal costs by removing fine chips from the fluid before it returns to the machine tool tank. The process also protects the machine tool from potential damage, extends cutting tool life and improves product quality, according to the company.
Removing coolant that naturally accumulates in a chip hopper enables longer production runs, eliminates messy cleanouts and reduces coolant costs. A new venturi pump kit from LNS makes the process of removing coolant from chip hoppers virtually effortless.
The Fox WS 2 Series oil/coolant mist collectors from LNS America Inc. efficiently and reliably remove oil/coolant mist, smoke and other fine aerosols and particulates from CNC machines to provide a healthier workplace, reduce absenteeism and lower HVAC costs. The five models with capacities from 170 to 1,250 CFM, enable users to properly match all…
The LNS Express 220 S2 automatic, magazine bar feeder faultlessly loads 12’ long bars with diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm and, with bar preparation, up to 26 mm to accommodate 20 mm machines with 26 mm bar capacity. The enhanced bar feeder uses a simple loading assistance design for small diameter bars with a proprietary, automatic loading mechanism…
The new LNS SFcompact chip conveyor (available September 2016) filters coolant to 50 microns and handles virtually all chip types and sizes, from stringy stainless steel to fine brass and aluminum. Unlike other chip conveyors capable of 50-micron filtration, the filtering system is integrated within the rigid frame, so SFcompact requires no more…
GT 326-E, the newest automatic magazine bar feeder for sliding headstock machines from LNS, loads 12' long bar stock with diameters from 3mm to 20mm (26mm with bar prep).
When compressed air is used to blow off oil, dust and other debris from machined parts on the factory floor, these contaminants become airborne and can affect the health and safety of machine operators. The new LNS SC500 Spray Cabin remedies this problem by providing a compact, mobile enclosure for this process that uses a highly effective air…
Two new additions to the LNS America Alpha line of lower-cost bar feeders provide consistent bar support and smooth, reliable bar loading for enhanced precision machining performance.
LNS America Inc.'s Quick Load Servo 80 S2 automatic magazine loader for short bars (14" to 63", not to exceed the spindle length) accommodates bar stock diameters from &frac14;" to 3-<sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub>"; (6mm to 80mm).
The Hydrobar Sprint 542 automatic bar loader from LNS America Inc. feeds 12' round, hexagonal or square bar stock with diameters from &frac14;" to 1-<sup>5</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub>" (5mm to 42mm) into fixed- or sliding-headstock turning machines.
The new Turbo MH500 filtering chip conveyor from LNS America Inc. combines the space-saving footprint of a compact, hinge-belt conveyor with 500-micron coolant filtering efficiency.
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September 10, 2018 Cincinnati, Ohio – The LNS Group has acquired Meadville, Pennsylvania-based ChipBLASTER, Inc. the maker of high pressure coolant systems, coolant chillers, cyclonic filtration systems and other machine tool peripherals.
LNS Group, Cincinnati, appointed Aaron Grell as the national product manager for the company's air filtration product line.
LNS America Inc., Cincinnati, appointed Bob Bodde regional sales manager for Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia.