LNS Fox SC2 330 Spray Cabin

July 29, 2020
Compact, Mobile Spray Cabin Keeps Workplace Air & Surfaces Aerosol Mist-Free When Cleaning Parts

Blowing off oil and debris from machined parts sends contaminants into the air and onto floors and other shop surfaces. This creates an unhealthy and unsafe working environment. A new Spray Cabin from LNS lets you safely use compressed air to blow off parts prior to their next operation while keeping the air and shop surfaces clean.

The LNS Fox SC2 330 Spray Cabin has a high-efficiency filtration system that eliminates more than 99% of contaminants (Afnor 440060). A powerful, low-noise, single-phase fan motor draws air at 344 CFM through a washable pre-filter and then through the long-life, easily accessible main filter. An acrylic visor helps protect operators from oil and debris spray. 

The Spray Cabin has 4 lockable caster wheels for easy mobility, and with dimensions of 19” L x 16” W x 45” H takes up minimal floor space.