The 30-tool magazine provides flexibility for milling and drilling applications. The machine accommodates BT-40 shanks and includes a precision cam drive that achieves ±0.08-mm (0.0032") positioning accuracy. The tool change arm is waterproof, preventing coolant from entering the arm during use. Users also have the option of adding a pallet…
KAAST bandsaws come in sizes ranging from 9” to 60” (230 mm to 1,500 mm). Larger capacity saws generally have larger motors providing more torque and allowing the operator to cut faster, not just larger, and to increase the speed at which the blade can get through the material. But as size increases, so do prices.
The way a machine is built affects the way it performs. With premium-quality components, high accuracy and attractive price points, the VF-Mill series is setting the standards for how to build vertical machining centers. With machines installed in more than 20 countries, the VF-Mill series has become the go-to machining center for the KAAST family…
If you need an efficient, reliable way to cut and create the variety of tools your shop may need, then consider a KAAST Machine Tools CNC EDM. The company offers three EDM lines, the W-EDM wire sinkers (pictured), the S-EDM and the Z-EDM sinker. These high-performance wire electrical discharge machines complete with water bath, can copy, turn,…
KAAST Machine Tools offer the saddle-style F-Grind AH Series high-precision surface grinder. Featuring hardened, ground and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated table guideways, this grinder series offers full stress relieved main parts to enhance rigidity, stability and grinding accuracy. Customers can add the optional AD5 auto down feed system…
Looking to drill, bore, cut, or make slots? Look no further than the extensive DMV series of milling machines in stock in Philadelphia and ready to ship from KAAST Machine Tools. Offering both bed-type and knee mills with either manual or CNC options, this Taiwanese series provides high-quality performance.
KAAST Machine Tools Inc. announces a new fully automatic NC cold saw for its line of circular saws. The HCS features a rigid design and sophisticated antivibration features, resulting in a cut that is fast, precise, efficient and clean.
The PS 85 DP Ironworker from Kaast Machine Tools Inc. is reportedly a versatile piece of equipment.
High-performance CNC lathes are available from Kaast Machine Tools with a large spindle bore (6", 9", 12" or 14") and double chuck system.
KAAST Machine Tools offers a new fully-automatic bandsaw.
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Machine tool distributor Kaast Machine Tools Inc., Ardmore, Pa., appointed Ebony Goldsmith office manager.
Aldan, PA- “Your production partner” KAAST Machine Tools has officially moved to their new home in Aldan, PA.
ALDAN, PA: KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. has added a new sales technician, service technician, and office assistant to their quickly growing staff.