GenSwiss, Westfield, Mass., recently partnered with Louis Belet SA to become the exclusive North American representative for Louis Belet precision carbide cutting tools and PCD-tipped milling tools, according to a Feb. 17 news release from Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc.
Conventional "bump" knurling methods are undesirable for smaller diameter parts because the forces deflect the workpiece, according to Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc., Westfield, Mass. To control this problem, the company recommends using a straddle knurl holder to provide support to the workpiece while the knurling operation is…
GenSwiss announces less than 3-week delivery times for Utilis application-specific inserts used with Utlilis thread whirling rings and attachments in Swiss-type machines.
GenSwiss offers a new line of cobalt and carbide microdrills in 0.1mm thru 3mm diameter sizes in 0.01mm increments to suit a full range of microdrilling and spot drilling operations.
GenSwiss has introduced the Multidec-Lube tool clamp system that permits optimum coolant jet positioning and drastically reduces setup time when employing high-pressure coolant delivery.
GenSwiss announces the PCM High Speed Spindles for STAR SR and SV series CNC Swiss-Type Machines providing 3X speed output up to 15,000 maximum for higher spindle speeds in micro machining operations.
GenSwiss offers the new Ti-Loc SwissClamp Slitting and Milling Tool Holders for increased rigidity, higher quality, longer tool life, and enables quick change of tooling into fixed locations.
GenSwiss announces new MULTIDEC 3000 coolant through tool holders that incorporate an internal coolant jet stream aimed at the 3000 series insert edge providing optimal lubrication and cooling, longer insert life for the full range of front turning, back turning, grooving, and threading operations.
GenSwiss offers the new Multidec Back Tool tool holders for turning operations on the subspindle and from an ID tool position.
GenSwiss now offers a full range of precision and ultra-precision saw arbors and solid carbide slitting saws.
GenSwiss announces the launch of "Coolant Thru" line of coolant through tool holders featuring delivery through the shank providing optimal insert lubrication and cooling, longer cutting tool life and improved Swiss type machining.
Genevieve Swiss Industries has introduced UTILIS Multidec 1600 series thin grooving and micro turning tools capable of work under .125" in diameter utilizing insert widths from thickness of human hair (.0019") up to .108" with cutting edge repeatability within .0004".
GenSwiss has introduced the EZR Swiss Clamp System for increased torque and enables fast and positive ER collet clamping.
GenSwiss has introduced the GenBore ID Triple Tool Holder that adds three ID tool stations in place of a standard OD turning position on most Swiss-Type CNC machines.
Investing in CNC Swiss technology allows a shop to perform threading operations. Every Swiss machinist should be aware of the latest advancements in this field.

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Genevieve Swiss Industries Inc. has partnered with Utilis AG of Mullheim Switzerland, a developer of premium quality micro-cutting tools for micromechanics, watch- and medical technology.