Multidec-Lube Coolant-Through Clamp

February 01, 2014

GenSwiss has introduced the Multidec-Lube tool clamp system that permits optimum coolant jet positioning and drastically reduces setup time when employing high-pressure coolant delivery. The patented design incorporates a coolant/oil delivery passage in the tool clamp ensuring a repeatable jet flow even after multiple tool changes or setups or teardown, and replaces the original equipment gang slide tool clamps provided with the Swiss machine.

This feature also allows use of conventional square shank tool holders as if they were coolant-thru since the coolant travels through the clamp and can remain semi-permanently plumbed into the high pressure system. The clamp is designed to work with square tool holder shanks and allows for an easy fit into the machine, plus gaining greater rigidity when compared to other quick-change coolant-thru tooling available to the industry.

In addition, a fixed and adjustable stop makes it possible to position the tools in exactly the same location following insert changes ensuring high repeatability. Typical problems solved include elimination of chips collecting on coolant jet nozzles, eliminating stringy chip wrap-arounds or clogging, avoiding accidental bending or repositioning of coolant tubes/nozzles with subsequent tool changes over machining cycles, resulting in time savings while achieving measurable machining efficiencies.

Related Glossary Terms

  • coolant


    Fluid that reduces temperature buildup at the tool/workpiece interface during machining. Normally takes the form of a liquid such as soluble or chemical mixtures (semisynthetic, synthetic) but can be pressurized air or other gas. Because of water’s ability to absorb great quantities of heat, it is widely used as a coolant and vehicle for various cutting compounds, with the water-to-compound ratio varying with the machining task. See cutting fluid; semisynthetic cutting fluid; soluble-oil cutting fluid; synthetic cutting fluid.

  • shank


    Main body of a tool; the portion of a drill or similar end-held tool that fits into a collet, chuck or similar mounting device.