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The MT-S spindle gripper allows continued machined cycles by picking and placing finished components in a temporary part loading tray located within the machining area. The MT-S is stored in the tool magazine like any tool and engaged at the end of each cycle allowing continuous machining until the part loading tray is full. Advantages of the new gripper are no additional floorspace needed, lower initial investment compared to robotics, and fast training without extensive programing.
As the only micro tool grinder with nanometer control, optimized mechanical layout and axes travel, integrated tool measurement and progressive automation, this six-axis grinder is the ideal solution for volume production of tools down to 0.03mm.
Designed for cutting tool manufacturers and carbide rod processors, this production machine can significantly increase your production rate for cutting carbide and hardened steel rod when compared with manual cut-off machines. It's easy-to-use CNC controls and touch screen operator interface allow for quickly setting parameters in preparation for hours of unattended operation.
The TC685 Supreme cutter is a left-hand cutting tool that features a 15° helix angle for excellent chip removal. Cooling with compressed air makes it possible to achieve maximum tool life in materials harder than 50 HRC. Additionally, internal coolant delivery is available for tools that create the M6 size through the larger thread sizes. The tool shank is in accordance with the DIN 6535 HA standard.
The MMC collet chuck is precision ground and pre-balanced to 30,000 RPM at G2.5 with runout accuracy of 3 microns at 4 times the diameter – ensuring accuracy and reliability during high-speed operations.
Versatile collector meets multiple industry demands and delivers unrivaled performance for its size. Developed by Donaldson to meet customer demand for an even more compact, convenient, and reliable filtration system for multiple manufacturing applications.
The SOLO L uses two centrifugal weights installed in a sealed tool head. With an activation speed rate of 1600 rpm or higher, the weights start moving outwards and turn the gearwheel, which drives the blade out by rotating the blade control. When the spindle is stopped and then actuated to cutting speeds, a pullback spring pushes the centrifugal weights back to the center and the blade extends to the cutting diameter. Maximum machining speed is 900 rpm.
The 1500MX offers a host of features designed to enhance machining efficiency and precision. Crafted with an epoxy granite frame made in the U.S., this machine boasts ten times the damping of cast iron, ensuring chatter-free cuts, superior surface finishes, and 30% longer tool life.
EXAIR’s catalog offers readers an incredible source of innovative solutions for common industrial problems like conveying, cooling, cleaning, blowoff, drying, coating and static buildup. To make this useful resource more readily available, has now launched a fully digital and interactive version of Catalog 35 for easy browsing and added accessibility. Customers will now be able to view, download, print and save either the full catalog, or specific pages and sections.
E-Z Lok, a leading manufacturer and master distributor of threaded inserts for metal, plastic and wood now offers E-Z Coil™ and thread repair kits.
High axial rake reduces cutting loads and promotes smooth machining.
The carbide grade SG66 is available for all common Horn insert systems. The in-house coating also enables a short delivery time for special tools. SG66 cannot replace the CBN grade. Horn has, however, filled the gap for particularly difficult groove turning applications. In comparison, the CBN grade achieves twice the cutting speed and more when machining through-hardened materials.
Typical aero-engine components that the grades can machine are gas turbine discs, casings, blisks, spools, shafts and blades. But these grades also prove to be a great choice in demanding applications such as power generation turbines and medical implants made of cobalt-chrome
The DXGQ/U0703 inserts feature 55° nose angle with brazed CBN tips that are designed for hard part turning applications. The inserts incorporate HP chipbreaker and use WavyJoint brazing technology for the CBN tips which are designed to provide enhanced insert reliability during hard part turning. Also, the inserts feature four total cutting edges for excellent cost-per-part efficiency.
Jonesboro, Ark. March 4, 2024] – Today, Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) proudly unveils its latest dust collection controller, the Gold Series Timer (GST). This is a user-friendly and easily applied solution for pulse-jet cleaning control of industrial dust collection systems including baghouse designs.
In addition to operating on narrow grooving on typical CNC lathes, the new V-shaped TDMV inserts are suitable with a wide range of applications on Swiss automatic lathes, with a concentration on miniature product machining. The V-shaped TDMV insert line is a multi-purpose option and the optimal tool for innovation in the groove machining segment in order to meet various customers’ needs.
Customers using the costing table can change the model to suit their needs, so each of the SmartBench products can be costed precisely. The table also allows customers to include items such as how many hours they wish to use their CNC machine, and for how many days per week.
These bumpers are available in “off-the-shelf” sizes, as well as special cut to custom requirements. Bumpers are most often used in material handling, assembly and manufacturing operations to guide, stop and support parts as they are moved and transferred. Fairlane Products maintains a large inventory of products and they are an economical alternative in many applications to eliminate the need for custom engineered molded components.
When implementing design improvements to the ALTERA C HA, particular attention was paid to upgrading the moving bridge. The spread of the air bearings supporting the main drive leg has been widened to increase the stiffness of the bridge assembly by 17 percent overall, which is particularly beneficial during high-speed movements. Advantages to the user are considerable, as measuring uncertainty when chasing tolerances down to microns is significantly better.
Operators will appreciate the easy-to-use control panel. For enhanced safety, the #9684526 Engine Lathe is equipped with a tool post guard, a chuck guard, a full rear splash guard and has CSA certified electronics.