Product News

In addition to operating on narrow grooving on typical CNC lathes, the new V-shaped TDMV inserts are suitable with a wide range of applications on Swiss automatic lathes, with a concentration on miniature product machining. The V-shaped TDMV insert line is a multi-purpose option and the optimal tool for innovation in the groove machining segment in order to meet various customers’ needs.
Customers using the costing table can change the model to suit their needs, so each of the SmartBench products can be costed precisely. The table also allows customers to include items such as how many hours they wish to use their CNC machine, and for how many days per week.
These bumpers are available in “off-the-shelf” sizes, as well as special cut to custom requirements. Bumpers are most often used in material handling, assembly and manufacturing operations to guide, stop and support parts as they are moved and transferred. Fairlane Products maintains a large inventory of products and they are an economical alternative in many applications to eliminate the need for custom engineered molded components.
When implementing design improvements to the ALTERA C HA, particular attention was paid to upgrading the moving bridge. The spread of the air bearings supporting the main drive leg has been widened to increase the stiffness of the bridge assembly by 17 percent overall, which is particularly beneficial during high-speed movements. Advantages to the user are considerable, as measuring uncertainty when chasing tolerances down to microns is significantly better.
Operators will appreciate the easy-to-use control panel. For enhanced safety, the #9684526 Engine Lathe is equipped with a tool post guard, a chuck guard, a full rear splash guard and has CSA certified electronics.
The TungHeavyGroove toolholders utilize a frontal coolant system, delivering high-pressure cutting fluid from the bottom to the flank face of the cutting edge. This innovative design enhances chip evacuation and extends insert tool life significantly. Furthermore, an extremely rigid dovetail insert clamping method sustains heavy cutting loads during aggressive wide grooving and profile grooving, while providing process security.   
The round shank toolholders are designed to fit the cylindrical shank tool holders in most Swiss type lathes. Just as with the existing ModuMiniTurn square shank toolholders, the new round shank toolholders also features extremely high repeatability accuracy, which significantly reduces downtime.
Built on the proven features of the conventional XVCT-AJ inserts, the XVCT-AM inserts introduce an enhanced interface design. This design improves insert retention during high-speed machining while reducing raw material usage for insert production, all without compromising superior cutting performance.
TraceBoss+ software interfaces with most portable surface roughness gages. A user can take a measurement, view the results and graphics full screen, save data, and reload it for comparison and statistical process control. It reports most common roughness parameters, showing at a glance whether a surface passes or fails user-provided limits.
SigmaNEST 24 has expanded the Task Dialog to provide greater situational awareness to the NC programmer for handling multiple projects at one time. Within the Task Window, users can create and load jobs, access workspace task reports and apply new commands to multiple tasks. Users can also monitor key statistics such as sheet consumption and scrap percentages. Beta users have reported that the new Task Window cuts programming to a small fraction of the time needed to program each job individually.