"The JAW"

April 01, 2015

Within seconds, a part-specific outline is molded with this new flexible pin clamping element from Euro-Tech Corp., making a workpiece ready for machining, inspection or numerous other applications; with each pin locked by a separate clamping sleeve.

Axial movable pins contact the part and generate a form fit between the element and the part. In this position the pins will be locked hydraulically using internal KOSTYRKA clamping sleeves. The result of this part specific element is a reduction in the required clamping force due to the form fit.

"The JAW" provides a range of different fields of application starting with the machining of cast parts, free-form surfaces and prototypes to solutions for the assembly. These elements can be used as jaws for vices, as supports, in combination with robot grippers or in any variety of custom made solutions.

Features include:

• Adaptable form fit elements

• No axial or radial pin movement while locking

• Complete enclosure (no chip penetration)

• Automation possible

• Almost unlimited number of pins

• Custom elements

• Reduction of vibration