Guhring Solid Carbide Drill RT 100 InoxPro – 50% Higher Feed Rate in Stainless

Guhring introduces a breakthrough in drilling stainless steels with the RT 100 InoxPro solid carbide drill. This innovation combines carbide, geometry, and a specially tailored coating, resulting in exceptional performance. The drill extends tool life and reduces machining times, addressing challenges posed by stainless steel's high temperatures, tendency to jam, and promotion of tool wear.


The drill bodies are available in 3xD and 5xD length to diameter ratios. The inserts are supplied in a specifically developed user-friendly key, enabling easy mounting with no setup time.

Soliddrill Extra Long

135° Point Geometry – Split point geometry for superior drilling penetration and accuracy. Double-Margin Design – For improved drilling stability and smooth surface finish. Polished Flutes - Chip evacuation is improved during deep-hole drilling when the flutes are polished. Coolant Holes – Cooling the cutting edges improves chip evacuation during the drilling operation. Coating – A multi-layer coating allows drilling at high speed. Excellent for drilling operations in steel (up to 45 HRC).

Westec 2023 Booth Visit with BIG DAISHOWA

Michael Herman, vice president sales for BIG DAISHOWA Inc., discussed a special promotion for the company’s fine boring kit, which features the EWN2-152 fine boring head from BIG KAISER is said to enable manufacturing precise bores with guaranteed precision of .00005". The set comes with dedicated accessories such as a boring bar, screw-in insert holders, and 2 inserts to cover Ø.701"-2.126".

Westec 2023 Booth Visit with ARCH Cutting Tools

ARCH Cutting Tools highlighted its RECON360 service program at its booth during Westec 2023 in Long Beach, California. Just over a year old, RECON360 offers to:

  • restore solid round tools and indexable cutting tool bodies to OEM or new condition,
  • braze new carbide, CBN, PCD or ceramic edges on inserts and round tools,
  • reapply coating to tools,
  • regrind worn areas on inserts and solid round cutting tools,
  • resize inserts or solid round tools.

Part Processing Solutions

The recently launched tools, toolholders and chipbreakers move manufacturers toward better results easier, more quickly and with cost savings. "We're focused on developing new ways for our customers to solve age old problems while taking full advantage of their machine tools," said Mia Bökmark, Vice President Product Offer & Innovation at Seco. "We draw on more than 80 years of toolmaking experience to offer solutions for the real challenges in every shop." 


The DCN drills feature cylindrical shanks, which enable clamping of the drill in hydraulic toolholders (most recommended) or in spring collets. All drill bodies feature helical coolant holes. Prior to using the 12xD drill, it is recommended to drill a pre-hole by using a DCN 1.5xD drill or a centering drill.


The CHAM-IQ-DRILL design body is produced from special steel for high durability and a special stopper prevents the drilling head from being extracted upwards from the pocket. Long stoppers provide high resistance to cutting forces, enabling applications under very high cutting conditions. 
High flute helix and polished flute surfaces provide a smooth and easy chip evacuation process. 
An internal coolant supply provides efficient cooling and lubrication during the drilling process. 

Ask CTE Contributors about Micromachining

The webinar, which is based on the "Tiny Drillers" feature published in the August issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine, delves deeper into the products and strategies recommended for deep-hole microdrilling by Kennametal Inc. and Sandvik Coromant Co. In addition, a representative from MAQ AB discussed the company's vibration-damped turning tool that is 8 mm in diameter, which was the subject of a sidebar to the main feature article in CTE's August issue.

MultiTOOL Program

MultiTAP tapping solution ranges from cut taps to form taps in different coatings, in addition to taps with extended lengths. MultiTHREAD MILL is an ideal general-purpose, cost-effective thread milling solution for job shops where part applications and materials frequently change. MultiDRILL™ features affordable, high-quality solid carbide 3XD and 5XD drills for manufacturers that have limited quantity production runs or operate in a job shop environment with many materials.