Collet for Internal Clamping

Users can machine this collet attachment to adapt it to match the internal contour of the workpiece they are clamping. However, what makes this new exhibit from AMF so special is that no through holes are needed in the workpiece to achieve safe internal clamping. With mechanical lateral actuation, workpieces with a blind hole can also be clamped securely and without distortion.

Improve stability, accuracy in rotating tools applications when applied to Swiss-type and multitasking machines

An excellent way to improve stability and accuracy in rotating tools applications when applied to Swiss-type and multitasking machines is to improve clamping stability by use of integral collets. What is an integral collet? An integral collet is a tool with a tapered shank for direct mounting on ER collet chucks. When compared to a typical spring collet clamp, the integral collet provides better accuracy and higher rigidity. This feature makes integral collets very promising for use in Multitasking and Swiss-type machines. Iscar offers several tool families with integral collets.

EASTEC 2021 Booth Visit with BIG DAISHOWA Inc.

Cutting Tool Engineering's video booth visit with BIG DAISHOWA Inc. at EASTEC 2021 covers an array of the company's latest products. Northeast District Sales Manager Paul Lewis gives a quick overview of BIG DAISHOWA hydraulic holders, collets, collet chucks, angle heads, modular boring line, turning tools, chip blower fan and a heavy metal milling dampener.

Sales Specialist Patrick Cratty concludes the video tour with a brief demonstration of the the Speroni MAGIS CNC Tool Presetter.

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Collet Pad Jaws and Collets

Collet pad top jaw systems from Dillon Manufacturing allow more varied geometries to be securely gripped, while also allowing more aggressive machining which shortens cycle times. With systems that can convert through-hole chucks to hold small bar and tube stock, and full contact of gripping surfaces to provide a more stable grip and allows heavier cuts, these Dillon products allow shops of all sizes to expand their capabilities.