Mantis 3rd Gen features include; improved optics for both hand-to-eye coordination and excellent depth perception, a 3-position turret to house up to 3 objectives ranging from 3x to 15x, the introduction of an 8x super long working distance lens, five different illumination options providing flexibility to optimize the lighting to view the perfect…
Makrolite 4K is flexible, easy to use, and provides high definition video images with a wide dynamic range and up to 330x magnification. It delivers both versatility and high performance in applications such as production, lab research, R&D, micro assembly, quality control, inbound/outbound product checking, dissection and re-work.
Packed with new and established features that are available on Vision Engineering’s EVO Cam ll, the VE Cam enables users to do more within a smaller footprint making it ideal for many routine inspection tasks. The VE Cam is stand alone and does not require a PC, keyboard or mouse.
Designed for robustness, reliability, affordability and ease of use, Deltron, is a shop floor hardened non-Cartesian CMM with an innovative delta robotic mechanism, reknown for repeatable motion, fast acceleration and a high level of measurement accuracy. The delta mechanism on Deltron operates with a maximum vector speed of 500mm/sec and a…
Ideal for measuring large components or multiple small components, quickly, easily and accurately, the LVC range offers faster measurement, high accuracy levels, and benefits from Vision Engineering’s consistent focus on ease of use for all its products.
Vision Engineering launches its latest, innovative flagship product, Deep Reality Viewer (DRV-Z1) microscope.
Vision Engineering Inc. has launched the LVC400, a fully automated 3-axis video measurement system. Suitable for measuring large components or multiple small components, quickly, easily and accurately, LVC400 offers faster measurement and high accuracy levels.
Vision Engineering’s DRV (Deep Reality Viewer) digital 3D stereoscopic display technology creates stereo high-definition 3D images without using a monitor or requiring operators to wear headsets or specialist glasses because images "float" in front of a mirror.
Vision Engineering has announced the general availability of its brand new class of TVM Field of View (FOV) video measurement systems. TVM combines a small footprint, with larger system performance and ease of use. Time-saving instant FOV measurements and a moving stage allow larger components to be measured quickly and easily.
Vision Engineering Inc. announces the EVO Cam ll, a digital microscope designed with new features to improve image quality and enhance user productivity.
Vision Engineering announces the launch of the Camβ, a portable, hand-held magnifier for magnification on the go. The simple, easy-to-use magnifier will take over from its predecessor, the CamZ.
Vision Engineering announces the launch of the Swift PRO series, noncontact measurement systems designed to deliver fast and accurate 2- and 3-axis measurements. The Swift PRO series includes Swift PRO Duo, Swift PRO Cam and Swift PRO Elite.
Unlike conventional microscopes, the eyepiece‐less technology built into the Lynx EVO from Vision Engineering overcomes the ergonomic challenges faced with binocular microscopy. Operators experience both optical and postural ergonomics giving them ease of use with less physical strain.
Vision Engineering's Kestrel Elite, 2-Axis Optical Measurement Microscope is designed for engineers to withstand the challenging conditions on the shop floor.
Vision Engineering's SX25 stereo zoom microscope has been designed to incorporate high quality optics without all of the unnecessary optional extras, keeping the cost down, making the SX25 microscope an affordable option.
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New Milford, CT, July 11th 2018-  Vision Engineering Inc. reaches a milestone this month, celebrating 60 years of manufacturing inspection and non-contact measurement systems.
Vision Engineering, a manufacturer of high-quality visual inspection and measurement technologies, announces that it has sold over 20,000 Mantis microscope products in the last five years.
Vision Engineering Ltd., Surrey, United Kingdom, a manufacturer of ergonomic inspection and measurement microscopes, opened its new global headquarters.
Vision Engineering, U.K. and U.S. designers and manufacturers of high-quality digital and optical visualization systems, opened a new technology collaboration and training facility in Irvine, California, just south of Los Angeles.