SX25 Microscopes

May 01, 2011

Vision Engineering's SX25 stereo zoom microscope has been designed to incorporate high quality optics without all of the unnecessary optional extras, keeping the cost down, making the SX25 microscope an affordable option.

With a standard configuration incorporating optical excellence, the SX25 provides instantaneous results, with ease of use and portable, compact dimensions.

Providing up to x180 magnification with 4.5:1 zoom ratio the SX25 is ideal for routine laboratory tasks from observations to dissecting, and industrial tasks such as inspecting and reworking components.

Polarization sets are available and a range of stand options are available for adapting the microscope to fit various working environments. Designed for someone that wants a quality product with "what it says on the tin" at a low cost. The SX25 completes the family of eyepiece microscopes from Vision Engineering, complementing their pioneering range of patented eyepieceless stereo viewers, designed to optimize operator comfort.

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