Kestrel Elite Measurement Microscope

November 01, 2011

Vision Engineering's Kestrel Elite, 2-Axis Optical Measurement Microscope is designed for engineers to withstand the challenging conditions on the shop floor. Kestrel Elite is a high accuracy, low investment system, designed to transform your measurement and inspection capabilities. From simple single feature operation, to more complex component part measurement, Kestrel Elite combines high resolution, high contrast images with intuitive microprocessors to deliver accuracy and simplicity for a wide range of measuring applications.

Designed as a powerful yet simple 2-axis measuring microscope, the new Kestrel Elite delivers optimized measurement, sub ten┬Ám. With a range of software options, the Kestrel Elite can be utilized with a microprocessor or a PC Tablet incorporating touch screen technology and part view measurement for simple feature to feature measurement. The Windows based PC Tablet option provides operators with the versatility of using software such as Excel for further analysis.

The Kestrel Elite's patented optical viewing head makes accurate measurement easy. The optical clarity also allows detailed visual inspection to be performed simultaneously. Kestrel Elite is a 2-axis measuring microscope with a 150mm x 100mm (X, Y) measuring stage, with a factory completed Nonlinear Error Correction (NLEC) calibration, traceable to international standards for the purposes of ISO 9000.

Related Glossary Terms

  • calibration


    Checking measuring instruments and devices against a master set to ensure that, over time, they have remained dimensionally stable and nominally accurate.