The RenAM 500 Ultra metal AM system is the latest model in the RenAM 500 family, which also includes the Flex system, optimized for R&D work, and the flagship closed-loop powder recirculation model for series production. The entire RenAM 500 family is available with one (500S) or four (500Q) high powered lasers, each able to access the whole…
Renishaw Central is a smart-manufacturing data platform that collects, presents, and initiates accurate process and metrology data. The platform connects to measurement devices across the manufacturing process and provides valuable insights that manufacturers can use to analyze, identify, predict, and correct process errors before they occur. 
RCS L-90 is a ballbar device that improves robot system accuracy, reduces deployment time, and monitors robot health with simple routines controlled by its supporting software suite. RCS T-90 is a tri-ballbar system which enables robot users to identify root causes of poor performance, with further comprehensive tests to capture critical robot…
Built upon established and trusted Renishaw technology, this product line for industrial robotics brings the company’s metrology expertise to an industry that has significant challenges with performance accuracy and repeatability. Categorized as either ‘in-field’ or ‘in-process’ products, the new RCS products help to simplify robot set-up, health…
The system comprises an ultra-compact RMI-QE radio interface with an updated communication protocol, as well as major updates to the complete range of market-leading radio transmission probes. The new enhancements deliver significantly improved battery life, simplified set up, and remote diagnostics to all radio probes.
The RUP1 probe uses a 20 MHz transducer and provides a thickness measurement range of 1 mm to 20 mm with an accuracy of better than 10 microns using touch points. The tip ball is user-replaceable and is preserved by a protective cap that can be automatically removed and maximises tip ball life. The RUP1 probe is fully compatible with the MRS2…
NC4+ Blue systems use Renishaw's non-contact tool setting software package, which continues to evolve to ensure rapid, robust and reliable measurement even in wet conditions. Auto-optimization technology within the software automatically adjusts the movement of the tool in and out of the beam to minimize any wasted movement and therefore…
This latest release of software enables the XK10 to take measurements at multiple points along each rail. The benefit of an increased number of measurement points is that the straightness of each rail is also measured at the same time. Parallelism between the rails can then be determined by looking at the difference in straightness at each point,…
The FORTiS design is built upon industry-proven RESOLUTE™ encoder technology and provides high resistance to the ingress of liquids and solid debris contaminants. It features an extruded enclosure with longitudinally attached interlocking lip seals and sealed end caps. The readhead body is joined to a sealed optical unit by a blade, which travels…
XM-60 has become the market leading solution for direct measurement of all six degrees of freedom (linear, vertical and horizontal straightness, pitch, yaw and roll) on any form of linear axis. With the addition of the new XM-60 long range measurement functionality in CARTO 4.2, unlimited measurement range is now possible for the first time. …
The encoders are offset and coupled directly to the drive, as the motors are very small. A motor has a rotor and a stator component, so what we do is couple the ring to the rotor component. As the motor starts to spin, it accurately rotates the ring with respect to the encoder readhead, which is placed outside the entire mechanism. The beauty of…
The software allows users to design metrology fixturing set-ups without having to use co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM) and other inspection devices. This reduces the amount of set-up time and increases productivity. It can be used with a CAD model of the part, which is imported into FixtureBuilder. The entire fixturing set-up, along with the…
The RFP projects a fringe pattern onto the part surface and the probe’s camera captures the variation in fringe pattern to build a point cloud of 3D surface data. The data cloud is then evaluated by the 3D metrology software to deliver the inspection results. Non-contact structured light inspection with the RFP delivers clear advantages over…
Renishaw announces the launch of its latest non-contact tool setting solution. The new NC4+ Blue system joins the many smart factory process control solutions developed by Renishaw, which have been proven to help machine shops across many industries transform their production capabilities.
Renishaw is introducing a ¼ 20 imperial thread size to its existing metrology fixtures product range. Fixturing components are currently available in M4, M6 and M8 thread sizes.
Renishaw has launched a new encoder family for linear axes, which offers exceptionally wide installation tolerances and axis speeds of up to 24 meters per second. The QUANTiC encoder series produces a digital signal output directly from the readhead and eliminates the requirement for additional bulky external interfaces.
Renishaw introduces InfiniAM Spectral, a new additive manufacturing (AM) process monitoring software. Developed for use on Renishaw systems, the software package helps AM users gain a greater understanding of their processes and overcome the difficulties with AM in critical applications, process stability and part quality. InfiniAM Spectral is…
Renishaw introduces the new Equator 500, which is designed to gage larger parts with all the benefits of the Equator 300 gaging system.
Renishaw announces the SFP2 – a new, improved surface finish measurement probe – for use with its REVO 5-axis measurement system on CMMs. The SFP2 probe increases the surface finish measurement ability of the REVO system, which offers a multisensor capability providing touch-trigger, high-speed tactile scanning and noncontact vision measurement on…
Renishaw’s new XM-60 multiple-axis calibrator is capable of measuring all six degrees of freedom from a single setup, in any orientation for linear axes. The XM-60 offers significant improvement in simplicity and time saving over conventional laser measurement techniques, according to the company.
Renishaw’s new enhanced probing software package automatically optimizes on-machine measurement cycles to minimize cycle time and maximize productivity. Inspection Plus with SupaTouch enhances the proven benefits of Renishaw's established Inspection Plus software and features an easy-to-use optimization process that automatically determines…
Designed and engineered with serialized production in mind, the Renishaw RenAM 500M builds complex metallic components directly from CAD using metal powder bed fusion technology. The RenAM 500M is first in a family of products based around Renishaw’s optical systems and control technology and offers unparalleled engineering with efficient,…
RVP, Renishaw's new vision measurement probe for use with the REVO 5-axis measurement system on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), increases the multiple-sensor capability of REVO by adding noncontact inspection to the exisiting touch-trigger, high-speed tactile scanning and surface finish measurement capability of the system.
Renishaw's new EZ-IO software for the Equator Flexible Gauge makes it easy for automation integrators to configure communications between Equator systems and a cell controller.
Renishaw's Equator shop-floor comparative gauge gets a significant speed boost for single-point probing applications with new touch-trigger probing capability via the TP20 probe, which can now be used in addition to the scanning SP25 probe.
Renishaw's new ATOM non-contact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder system combines miniaturization with leading-edge dirt immunity, signal stability and reliability.
Flow International Corp.'s Composites Machining Center (CMC) hits the mark for single-setup processing of 40-meter-long composite wing skins, and one of the keys to holding long-axis accuracy during week-long machining cycles is Renishaw's HS10/HS20 laser encoder.
Renishaw's new XCal-View software brings an updated look, increased functionality and greater flexibility to laser calibration data analysis.
Renishaw's new SPRINT system incorporates a new generation of on-machine analog scanning technology to allow fast and accurate form and profile data capture from both prismatic and complex 3D components.
Renishaw's Equator comparative gauging system now includes new process monitoring software that displays measurement results of inspected features, as well as the measurement history of each feature, instantly via a monitoring window added to the shop-floor user interface.
The new Renishaw XR20-W calibration system measures the angular position of rotary axes to within +/-1 arc second, wirelessly, for testing the accuracy of lathes, multi-axis machine tools, mill-turn machines, trunnion tables and spindles.
Renishaw extends the product line, and the height, of its Equator gaging system with the new Equator 300 Extended Height comparative gage.
Renishaw's new SFP1 probe option for the REVO 5-axis measurement system allows surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within coordinate measurement routines.
Renishaw's new laser melting additive-metal manufacturing process is capable of producing fully dense metal parts direct from 3D CAD data using a high-powered fiber laser.
Renishaw says Equator is a radical new alternative to traditional dedicated gaging, filling a gap in the market never before addressed.
Renishaw Inc. expands its family of non-contact tool setting systems for CNC machine tools with its tough NC4 laser tool setter.
Renishaw Inc. offers the XL-80 laser calibration system.
Renishaw's new RLP40 and OLP40 lathe inspection probes offer a choice of signal transmission technologies – radio or optical – to make part setup and inspection on turning centers accurate, simple and reliable.
At the U.S. transmission plant of a global automotive manufacturing group, component inspection times have been reduced by half or more by upgrading the company’s coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to incorporate 5-axis scanning technology in addition to touch probing.
Metrology has always been vital in precision manufacturing to ensure products meet quality and design specifications, according to Paul Maxted, director of Industrial Metrology Applications at Renishaw, in his whitepaper "The changing face of metrology."

All machining operations have inherent variation caused by machine positioning errors, material variances, fixturing, tooling load and thermal changes. Many companies employ metrology at the end of machining to ensure that good parts go out the door, but it does little to improve manufacturing efficiency. Applying metrology before and during…
To become the go-to calibration service provider to customers, KES Machine LLC expanded its relationship with global engineering technologies company Renishaw. The investment in Renishaw's XM-60 and XM-600 multi-axis calibrators enhanced KES' services, allowing it to quickly obtain accurate data and provide high-quality calibration and…
The ultimate accuracy and reliability of a machine tool depends in no small degree on the alignment checking during its assembly. Seeking an alternative to traditional error measurement techniques, Hurco Manufacturing Ltd. (Hurco) chose Renishaw’s XK10 alignment laser system to increase both precision and throughput of its machine tools..
Many trade and technical schools in the United States include certification from the National Institute of Metalworking Skills in their training programs to uphold students to current manufacturing industry standards. To help support the initiative, Renishaw developed a gauging system package to improve the inspection of NIMS parts.
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Non-contact laser tool setting systems use a beam of laser light passing between a transmitter and a receiver. Positioned correctly these systems can also be used to measure geometry and detect broken tools.
Renishaw supports all of its probing hardware with easy to use software that compliments the full potential of machine tool probing applications.
Highlighting the benefits of modular metrology fixtures versus traditional methods, this brief video covers the differences in set-up times, ease of set up, inspection repeatability, part stability and metrology accuracy.
Renishaw has developed a range of smartphone machine tool apps for its customers that make installing, configuring, using and maintaining Renishaw systems even easier.
Renishaw plc recently posted a brief video to YouTube that offers an overview of the company's new SPRINT system with SupaScan. The system is designed for simple integration into machine tool applications requiring exceptionally fast workpiece set-up, and where overall cycle time is critical.
The new NC4+ Blue system is designed to help machine shops across many industries

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Renishaw PLC, Wotton-under-Edge, United Kingdom, a provider of hardware and software solutions for on-machine probing, including workpiece setup, workpiece inspection, tool setting and broken tool detection, has partnered with MachiningCloud Inc., Camarillo, Calif., a product data provider for cutting tools, CNC machines and workholding.
For more than 30 years, Davis Tech trained thousands of students for a career in industry. With new equipment from Renishaw. the students will have access to advanced metrology equipment.
Renishaw was a gold sponsor at a recent Haas tech center event.
Global engineering technologies company Renishaw brings its latest end-to-end solutions for additive manufacturing to RAPID + TCT 2023 in Chicago.
Global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, is making its FixtureBuilder 3D fixture-modeling software available via a new subscription service.
West Dundee, IL – August 29, 2018 – Renishaw, a manufacturer of advanced metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems, has opened a new Additive Manufacturing Demonstration Center in Newbury Park, California.
To assist manufacturers on integrating Industry 4.0 technology into their business, global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, has partnered with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc. (CCAT).
Global engineering technologies company Renishaw demonstrated at IMTS its latest metrology and manufacturing equipment that the company says will help customers digitalize their processes.
Renishaw heads to Eastec to demonstrate its latest smart manufacturing innovation designed to optimize shop floor processes.

Renishaw Inc. announced a new 133,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse facility in West Dundee, Ill., about 40 miles from Chicago. The two-story facility will be the company’s new North American headquarters, but also includes space for product development, testing, warehousing and distribution.
West Dundee, IL – January 29, 2020 – Renishaw Inc., a precision engineering and manufacturing technologies company, announced the appointment of Denis Zayia to the position of President of its USA operations.
The aerospace industry faces complex issues, such as environmental issues and the need for efficient designs, lightweight materials and 3D-printed parts. To help address these and other issues, Seco Tools hosted the Inspiration Through Innovation (ITI) 2021 virtual event Dec. 1.
The two-day event scheduled for November 2-3 in Auburn Hills, MI, focuses on advanced manufacturing solutions.
At the Haas Technical Education Community conference opening on July 24, Gold sponsor Renishaw will present and demonstrate its calibration, probing, and Equator gauging solutions.