The TechniDrill 2.00-30-48 has a gundrilling diameter capacity of 2.0 inches (50.8 mm) and a maximum gundrilling depth of 48 inches (1219 mm). It features a 30 horsepower AC spindle motor and two-speed gearbox to provide versatile gundrilling performance. The workpiece is counter-rotated during gundrilling via pneumatically operated 3-jaw chucks,…
The TBTA-10-180 is a single spindle machine with 10 inches (254 mm) of trepanning diameter capacity and 180 inches (4,572 mm) of trepanning depth. It has the capability for both a rotating tool and a counter-rotating workpiece, both of which are driven by 100 HP motors.
The Eldorado reaming machine has only a single spindle and requires manual loading of the barrels and reamer tooling. This makes the Eldorado machine smaller and less expensive, which makes it perfect for low-volume barrel manufacturers.
The DeHoff 3060 has a single spindle with a maximum boring capacity of 3 inches (76.2 mm) and a maximum boring depth of 60 inches (1524 mm). To meet the rigorous material removal requirements, the cutting tool is powered by a 40 horsepower spindle motor with a 4-speed gearbox. A totally custom workpiece loading and fixturing system was designed…
The DeHoff 1036 CNC is a 3-axis boring machine used for automotive engine rebuilds. The machine is custom designed for re-boring the cam journals of automotive engine blocks during a rebuild program.
Every new Eldorado gundrilling machine now features an updated operator control panel. While still using a PC-based system featuring Beckhoff controls, both the hardware and software have been improved with job shop operators in mind.
The DeHoff 1536T is a gundrilling machine used to manufacture high-performance military helicopters. Several of the helicopter’s drivetrain components are gundrilled to produce hollow centers, which reduces mass while maintaining high rotational rigidity.
The DeHoff 1024C is a 6-spindle gundrilling machine used for high-volume production of automotive camshafts. The machine is designed to gundrill a hole down the centerline of the camshaft to reduce weight. This enables a Tier 1 automotive supplier to produce lighter camshafts in large volumes for use in new high-efficiency engines.
The Eldorado M75-48T is a two-spindle gundrilling machine with 48 inches (1,219 mm) of slide travel. This is 60 percent more slide travel than the standard Eldorado model offered by the company. The additional length allows the machine to accommodate nearly all the gundrilling applications a job shop will encounter.
The DeHoff G560-B1 is a custom machine designed to form the rifling grooves in gun barrels. The barrel is rotated by a 3-jaw chuck while a rifling button tool is pulled through the barrel by a hydraulic cylinder. The button tool deforms the rifling grooves into the internal bore of the barrel using a swaging process. All the rifling grooves are…
The DeHoff G548-D4 is a 4-spindle gundrilling machine designed for high-volume production of gun barrels. It features automated loading and unloading of the barrels to enable long periods of untended machine running. Up to 48 barrels can be preloaded into the magazine holder, and lift-and-carry automation is used to load the barrels in and out of…
The Eldorado M75-30T is a twin-spindle gundrilling machine with a redesigned counter-rotation fixture. To maximize the effectiveness of the gundrilling operation, it is ideal for the workpiece to be rotated in the opposite direction of the drill rotation. This improves the straightness of the drilled hole and reduces drill drift.
The DeHoff 518 Cell is a gundrilling machine for high-volume production of scroll compressor drive shafts. The shaft requires a different diameter hole to be drilled in each end for lubrication of the scroll bearing.
The DeHoff G560-DR2 performs both gundrilling and reaming operations on gun barrels. After the barrels are gundrilled, a quick tooling changeover allows a pull-reaming operation to be performed using the same machine.
The Eldorado KM75-48 is a 3-axis gundrilling machine used to manufacture products like transmission shafts, manifolds and mold matrices. The machine includes updated Beckhoff controls with G-code programming, which provides enhanced flexibility.
The DeHoff BTA/STS 2084 is designed for drilling on-center holes using the BTA/STS process. It is being utilized to manufacture drive shafts for helicopter tail rotors.
The redesigned DeHoff 2072TC is a gundrilling machine with 5-axis capability. The gundrilling spindle is mounted on a traveling column to provide the X-axis and Y-axis movement.
The Eldorado M30-30T is a twin-spindle gundrilling machine with independent spindle control, which allows the machine to perform two independent drilling cycles at the same time. A separate 6.5” (165 mm) full-color control screen is installed on both sides of the machine to enable the operator to take full advantage of the independent spindle…
The Eldorado M75-30T from Kays Engineering Inc. is a twin-spindle gundrilling machine widely used for the manufacture of orthopedic implants, including femur nails and bone screws.