This high performance HSS-E thread forming tap is suitable for both through and blind holes in a wide range of workpiece materials. The premium materials used in the taps provide a balanced ratio of toughness, hardness and heat resistance to the entire tap.
The global manufacturer has added five variants of square shaped positive inserts for depths of cut up to 6.4 mm to its Pramet brand. The range is suitable for a variety of general engineering and maintenance and repair operations (MRO) machining, with several application-specific geometries and grades available for machining any workpiece…
The HM geometry has a highly negative and narrow T-land, as well as a positive rake to reduce vibration and enable a smoother cutting action. Together, these improve the durability and process security, prolonging tool life in the relevant materials by up to 50%, compared to the existing assortment.
The peripherally ground insert offers improved wall accuracy and straightness and creates a true 90° corner. The LNEX12 also featuring a patented U-groove segment on all four cutting edges which provide a good surface finish and expand its application range to low-power machines and small depths of cut. In addition, the two-sided design supports…
The latest Pramet range includes three variants of a 16-edged ONMX insert for depths of cut up to 0.157” (4mm). The standard geometries include the F for light operations, M for versatile use, and R for rough cuts in a variety of materials. Additionally, the 8-edged ONMX-W is a specific wiper insert for high-quality surface finish with large…
With a 30% thicker coating than the previous generation, the Pramet T9415 significantly improves tool durability by increasing resistance to wear and offers higher productivity by allowing for higher cutting speeds. Several testing users of the new grade have reported that their productivity has doubled while machining carbon and structural steels.
Suitable for use on machines with limited power, the combination of new inserts and cutter delivers high metal removal rates with low cutting force and reduced chatter. It features positive axial and radial face angles for good cutting action and directing chips away from the work-piece. Available in a variety of diameters, the S450E performs well…
The PTD HX can deliver up to 70% more holes in moderate conditions. The versatility of the industry’s “Go-To” jobber drill extends beyond medium strength materials, delivering 18% more holes in heavy conditions and up to 30% more holes in light conditions.
To cover the breadth of applications within the MRO segment, there are drills for general purpose machine and portable drilling. These include the popular HSS R10 series for right hand drilling and HSS L10 series for left hand drilling. Also included are the carbide DC series of center drills. There is a specific selection for sheet metal drilling…
The Dormer Pramet parting-off and grooving assortment as grown with the additions of a new insert, two new geometries, a grade, blades and tool holder. The new 0.98" GL double-edged insert is available in a variety of widths from 0.08" to 0.236". Targeting long-grooving applications, GL supports 60% capacity over the existing LCMF16…
A cost-effective option for large-diameter drilling, the Dormer Hydra program supports structural and general engineering applications. The range of solid-carbide heads – for steel, stainless steel and cast iron – are married together with a high-speed steel body.
The Dormer Shark line grows with the addition of the Black ring tap for high-strength steels and titanium alloys.
The Dormer Pramet milling assortment for die and mold has grown with several introductions, including the double-sided Pramet SNGX11 insert for high-feed milling with up to 0.07" DOC. A strong main cutting edge ensures a high level of durability and process security, especially when machining corners inside a pocket. With eight cutting edges…
Machine shops across the northeastern states of America are getting the job done thanks to support from cutting tool manufacturer Dormer Pramet.
The versatile Pramet ISBN10 cutters are suitable for high-feed milling, copy milling, ramping, helical interpolation, slotting and plunging. The unique pocket design in combination with the ANHX10 insert also perform shoulder and facemilling, offering a complete package for mold and die applications, from roughing to finishing.
Since its founding in 1952, the Precision Twist Drill brand of cutting tools has represented both reliability and quality to its broad user base. This standard continues with a selection of HSS drills and carbide rotary burs designed specifically to meet the needs of the maintenance and repair professional. Branded as PRECISIONLIGHT, this program…
Optimizing Dormer Pramet's brands to make your selection process easier is a top priority as the toolmaker continues its cutting tool expansion. The company is focusing the strong Precision Twist Drill brand on what it has become globally recognized for the outstanding range of drills. The solid-carbide endmills within the Precision Twist…
The Dormer Force M assortment of drills provide a high level of productivity specifically for drilling stainless steel (or ISO-M) materials while operating consistently across a diverse variety of machines and conditions. This makes them suitable for high production, general engineering and subcontract environments.
The inch version of the popular Helical AD for roughing applications is now available. Offering a DOC up to 3.150”, the cutters are suitable for use with the Pramet range of versatile ADMX 16 inserts and support medium machining of most engineering materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and superalloys.
Dormer Pramet's latest milling grades - M4303 and M4310 - provide durability and reliability in semifinishing and finishing applications.
The Pramet T8010 is suitable for continuous precision threading of steels, stainless steel, cast iron and superalloys. It further extends our assortment in this application area and supports the universal grade T8030.
When a large new vessel is put to sea, it usually is equipped with a tunnel thruster (or bow thruster), which acts as a side propeller system to allow for additional maneuverability of the ship at berth and on open sea. Using tunnel thrusters, captains have increased control and can turn around a ship on a dime, raising ship’s efficiency.
The Dormer Force X upgrades the Dormer MPX solid-carbide drill family with new geometry, corner design and edge preparation. The upgrade applies to the 3xD R457 and R458 and the 5xD R453 and R454, bringing them in-line with the newly launched 8xD R459.
Dormer Pramet launches new Pramet chipbreakers and grades. The NF1 and NF2 positive chipbreakers support turning applications in stainless steel while the FF2, FM2 and RM3 chipbreakers support steel and cast iron.
Introducing the Pramet Econ LN square shoulder milling cutter from Dormer Pramet. Its positive axial geometry reportedly allows for lower cutting forces and smoother machining.
Introduced as PRECISIONLIGHT, this new program of HSS drills will reportedly provide affordable reliability together with a level of service and support consistent with that of the balance of the Dormer Pramet broad product offering. Including screw machine, jobber, mechanics lengths and reduced shank drills, the PRECISIONLIGHT program represents…
Dormer Pramet puts a lock on fastener costs with its Union Butterfield brand of self-locking taps. Utilizing specialized production equipment, this self-locking thread form can be produced on straight flute, spiral flute spiral point, roll form and even on the Union Butterfield line of high-performance taps.
The general-purpose drill line from Dormer Pramet includes the Precision Twist Drill brand of Silver & Deming drills. These reduced-shank drills deliver versatility and reliability.
Dormer Pramet has expanded its indexable offer for turning and milling applications.
The latest positive axial rake, high-feed cutter from Dormer Pramet allows it to be applied with multiple materials across various applications. The Pramet Penta HF is an aggressive high-feed cutter suitable for machining a variety of materials, including heat-treated and difficult-to-machine steels, stainless steels and heat-resistant superalloys…
Dormer PFX premium cobalt HSS drills are available in screw machine, jobber, taper and extra-length designs. Providing options for drilling applications, the PFX is ideal for most engineering materials drilling 3 diameters deep (A920, A921), 6 diameters deep (A900, A901), 10 diameters deep (A940, A941) and 15 diameters deep (A976, A977, A978).
Dormer Pramet says the Pramet Force AD milling cutter is revolutionizing end user productivity with its versatility. This universal shoulder milling cutter features a differential pitch to reduce vibration and system noise. Combine solid performance with the cutter’s application with multiple materials and in harsh environmental conditions and…
Dormer Pramet now offers Pramet SF and SM geometries for machining of high temperature alloys and stainless steel, the company announced Jan. 27. The SF geometry features a sharp positive geometry with an inclination cutting edge of 14.5° while the SM chip-breaker is a wear-resistant, universal geometry for medium machining.
Building on the technology behind the high-performance solid-carbide MP-X 3xD and 5xD drills, the new Dormer R459 coolant-through 8xD drill reportedly reduces machining time for operators by eliminating the pecking process, according to Dormer Pramet, Elgin, Ill.
Dormer Pramet has launched a catalog app detailing its comprehensive program of indexable tools for milling, turning and hole-making applications.
Suitable for machining a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper and aluminium, the R459 from Dormer Pramet has been specifically developed to overcome problems typically associated with deep-hole drilling.
Precision Dormer has recently announced an expansion to their solid carbide replaceable-head drilling program.
Dormer's new Elect APP range of micro drills has been engineered for exceptional performance in small diameter drilling applications in a wide range of materials and components.
An iPhone App capable of calculating the exact diameter of drill required for precise thread-creation operations has been developed by cutting tool specialist Dormer Tools. The "Dormer Tools Threadsize Calculator" has been designed by Dormer to help engineers and machinists quickly and accurately select the optimum drill diameter needed…
The Elect S drill range represents the first products launched by Precision Dormer developed specifically for the machining of materials known collectively as Heat Resistant Super Alloys (HRSA).
Engineers from Precision Dormer are working with customers all over the world to develop a variety of tooling solutions for a wide range of composite machining needs.
It is a matter of course for manufacturers of rail and train components to ensure that quality products and services continue to be delivered to the industry every day. Increasing reliability through new tools, materials and machining techniques, as well as supporting productive and cost effective maintenance of existing infrastructure, is crucial.
Dormer Pramet is launching a webinar series to occur the fourth Friday of every month. The first three sessions are open for enrollment. These 30-minute sessions, which will be led by round tool and indexable product experts, are free and designed to expand participants' knowledge of cutting tools. The webinars are geared toward professionals…
A Dormer Pramet pilot project for AI-based quality inspection has been successfully launched in the production unit in Šumperk, Czechia. The company said that the project has opened the door to achieving even higher quality in its Pramet inserts.
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A Dormer-branded tool designed for stainless steel is the Force M drill, which has a micrograin carbide substrate and a multilayer TiAlN coating. The drill has an S-shape, modified four-facet, split-point geometry to reduce cutting pressure with honed corners and cutting edges so they do not chip when starting a hole.
Precision Dormer filmed its R571 CDX-DH "One-hit" Deep-Hole Drillmaking holes 102mm deep at a speed of 157mm/min. and feed rate of0.14mm/rev.
Brian Norris, president of The Americas for Dormer Pramet, spent a few minutes during IMTS 2018 to guide Cutting Tool Engineering Publisher Dennis Spaeth through a number of product highlights from Precision Twist Drill, Union Butterfield, Dormer and Pramet.

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The Whittemore Co., Addison, Ill., added the cutting tool brands of Precision Twist Drill, Dormer, Pramet and Union Butterfield to its already broad portfolio of products it represents.
Dormer Pramet is offering free e-learnings on a wide variety of machining tools to provide expert knowledge and wisdom to customers world-wide.
Wetmore Tool and Engineering of Chino, California, has been acquired by Dormer Pramet, the global manufacturer of cutting tool brands Precision Twist Drill, Dormer, Union Butterfield and Pramet.
To support rapid expansion at its Mexico facility, the team at KUKA Automotive appointed Dormer Pramet its primary cutting tools supplier over the next three years.
Addison, Illinois - Effective January 1st, 2019, The Whittemore Co. (Whittemore) announced the expansion of their Dormer Pramet territories to the state of Wisconsin.