The innovative roughing geometry results in smaller chips and low cutting forces, and a reinforced corner chamfer promotes additional strength for longer tool life. Designed for semi-finish profile and center cutting, the multi-flute design is constructed of ultra-fine carbide grade CR3 for high cutting edge stability and wear resistance. The…
The FSH combines the latest in substrate and coatings with multiple flutes and the highly effective left-hand helix design to achieve both better performance and longer tool life in today’s hard-to-machine materials. Manufacturers who have previously attempted to use taps in small-hole threading understand that, especially in heat- resistant…
Designed for applications including spotting and drilling, side milling, chamfering, slotting, grooving, and engraving, the new Carmex Multi-Function Milling Tool (MF) delivers economy and versatility, as well as superior cutting performance. Constructed of ultra-fine carbide grade for stability and wear resistance, the Multi-Function Milling Tool…
The Solid Carbide Radius Fillet End Mills are configured for different radius filleting. Available with two, three and four flutes, they also feature a cylindrical shank DIN 6535 HA. The CR-Supercut High Feed End Mills are designed for high feed rates with shallow cutting depths for a wide range of materials up to 56 HRC. The CR- Supercut line is…
The diamond PCBN inserts deliver high-precision performance and excellent surface finish in materials including hardened and heat-treated steels up to 72 HRc, high speed steel (HSS), high alloyed steels hardened to 45 HRc and higher, super Ni based alloys, grey cast iron, ductile, and graphite.
Carmex Precision Tools’ CIM system provides high precision, accuracy and repeatability through an internal tool indexing mechanism that locates the tool in the correct orientation. The collet holds the tool securely for high stability, and tool change does not require removal of the holder.
Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. has made four additions to its family of tools for Swiss-style machining applications, including the multifunction G6 six-edge turning insert designed to fit a single holder and capable of high productivity in applications, including threading, grooving, parting, and back and front turning.
Known for smooth cutting operations at high feed rates that reduce machining time, the Carmex Precision Tools Mini Spiral Mill-Thread line is now available in inch sizes, as well as metric. The spiral fluted toolholders, with internal coolant bore, hold from one to three inserts and are available in comparably small cutting diameters.
Featuring multiple straight flutes designed for machining longer threads in small to large diameters, Carmex Precision Tools Slim MT inserts and toolholders deliver high productivity for a lower price. Constructed of an advanced carbide and coating combination for extended tool life, most of the inserts are double sided.
Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. has introduced new diamond turning inserts designed to enable customers to achieve higher productivity and greater efficiency in machining hard materials faster and more effectively than grinding or ceramics. The PCD inserts excel in the machining of nonferrous materials, including high-silicon aluminum, copper and…
Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. sees a significant increase in demand for specialized tooling used in unique applications. According to Jim White, national sales manager for Carmex USA, “The ability of design engineers in leading edge industries to envision complex high-performance parts, coupled with new materials including made-to-order alloys,…
Designed for applications involving small and deep threads, Carmex’s new MTSB Mini Mill-Thread is equipped with coolant bores that facilitate chip removal through the use of high-pressure coolant. Constructed of solid carbide with advanced PVD triple coating, the MTS works at high machining parameters for increased productivity.
Designed for more effective coolant flow and improved chip control, Carmex’s new X-treme Jet External thread turning toolholder provides two connecting options via an elbow fitting and top clamp to more precisely direct the coolant flow to the cutting edge, where it is most effective.
Constructed of rugged MT8 carbide with Carmex’s exclusive BLU coating, the new FMT thread mill delivers accurate thread geometry and fine surface quality in short cycle times. Unlike conventional taps, the FMT can thread up to the bottom of a blind-hole while delivering the high reliability necessary for complex parts.
The newly introduced MT Drill from Carmex is designed to drill, chamfer and thread mill a hole in a single operation. Constructed of solid carbide, the 2-flute drill/thread milling cutter, with 45-degree chamfering, reduces cycle times by combining operations and eliminating tool changes.
Improved design, more rugged construction, and advanced coating result in superior performance in multiple
Swiss-style applications with the latest addition to the Carmex Mini Tools family. The carbide shank toolholders provide enhanced vibration resistance and long reach.
Designed for internal threading and grooving applications, the new Carmex Modular Line (ML) uses a single boring bar that can be fitted with multiple adapters, offering high accuracy, easy adjustment and full repeatability. Coated with abrasive-resistant nickel, the ML adapters can be used with all Carmex standard thread turning inserts sizes 16,…
Carmex Precision Tools LLC has announced the latest addition to its family of tooling for Swiss-style applications. The Swiss-Line combines a new type of polygon insert and holder for external turning, grooving, parting and threading. The precision ground inserts are constructed of solid carbide with specialty coating for longer tool life and…
Carmex Precision Tools LLC has introduced a versatile six-edge turning insert. Designed to fit one holder, the multiple-function inserts deliver high productivity and cost efficiency in applications including threading, grooving, parting, and back and front turning. The fully ground profile delivers high precision, and the unique shape provides…
Engineered for use with the standard CMT toolholder (S35 type), Carmex’s new high-performance milling head uses multiple indexable inserts for threading, grooving, chamfering and facing. With a cutting diameter of 41mm, a thread pitch of up to 4mm and a groove depth to 9mm, CMT accepts four triple-edged round profile inserts for high precision and…
The new Carmex AMT (aluminum mill-thread) cutter delivers a fine surface finish, good chip evacuation and is constructed of solid carbide to absorb cutting forces in high-speed aluminum machining. Available in a cylindrical shank or Weldon shank, the AMT is designed to minimize the tendency of aluminum to stick to the cutting tool edges.
Designed for versatility, improved finish and long life, Carmex’s latest additions to the popular Groove Milling line features six flutes constructed of MT8 grade carbide with advanced PVD triple coating for high heat and wear resistance in high-performance and normal operations. Six spiral flutes deliver greater productivity through minimized…
Carmexʼs quick-change polygon threading toolholders enable customers whose machines are equipped with the Sandvik Capto system to utilize Carmexʼs threading inserts. Incorporating a polygon taper to ensure automatic radial centering and even pressure around the coupling, the toolholders are ISO standard (26623) compliant for toolholding systems.
Rugged enough for use with virtually all materials, Carmex’s new Mini Chamfer tools are the ideal solution for
deburring, back chamfering and grooving operations. Designed with spiral flutes for smoother cutting action, the tools offer double-side cutting and are available in both long-reach 45-degree and 150-degree configurations.
The Mini Tools line from Carmex Precision Tools LLC, combining long-reach carbide shank toolholders with through coolant with a wide selection of quick indexing coated inserts, are designed for high-performance threading, turning, grooving, boring and chamfering in conventional and hard materials.
The latest addition to the Carmex Tiny Tool line—the multi-task CMR—allows users to bore, turn, face and chamfer with a single tool.
Now available in configurations for threading, grooving and chamfering, Carmex says its expanded CMT line of vertical milling inserts delivers longer tool life, higher material removal, excellent surface finish, reduced cycle times, and lower cutting forces in materials up to 62 HRC steel.
The new Mini Spiral Mill-Thread cutter line from Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. extends X-treme thread cutting capability to diameters as small as <sup>5</sup>&frasl;<sub>8</sub>-16 UN and 3/8-18 NPT.
Designed for today's hard machining challenges, Carmex says its new CMT line delivers longer tool life, higher material removal, excellent surface finish, reduced cycle times, and lower cutting forces in materials up to 62-HRC steel.
The latest addition to the Carmex Type B line includes a variety of 11mm inserts for internal thread turning and chamfering operations.
Designed for use with Carmex Tiny Tools featuring 3, 4, 5, and 6mm diameters, the new Square Shank Holders have through-coolant capability.
Constructed of rugged MT8 carbide with Carmex Precision Tool LLC's exclusive BLU coating, the new FMT thread mill delivers exceptionally accurate thread geometry and surface quality in shorter cycle times, according to the company.
As more applications demand use of superhard alloys, manufacturers are demanding tooling that can deliver precision threads and high production in less time. To meet these challenges, Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. has engineered carbide grade HBA, an extra-fine, submicron grade with high toughness for optimized performance on hardened steel and cast…
The new "Quick Change" series of toolholders from Carmex Precision Tools LLC deliver better gripping thanks to a polygon shank.
Utilizing simultaneous rotational and longitudinal movements, Carmex Whirling Inserts and holders deliver high production in high-precision parts such as dental implants and bone screws, as well as small automotive and semi-conductor components, and other parts made on Swiss-type machines.
In response to popular demand, the Carmex CMT line of toolholders and inserts for vertical thread milling has been expanded with the addition of C10 (10mm diameter) and C25 (25mm diameter) inserts and toolholders for smaller and larger diameters.
Carmex Precision Tools LLC's new BLU Grade thread turning inserts combine a newly developed sub-micrograin grade with PVD triple layer coating to deliver high strength, longer tool life, more accurate thread and better surface finish, even in the most difficult materials.
Manufacturers can now save time, tooling, and money thanks to the recently introduced Carmex DMT &mdash; 3 in 1.
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Watch an overview of the latest products and technology from Carmex Precision Tools as presented by Leonard Ahumada, an applications engineer and the company's Western regional manager. Cutting Tool Engineering recorded the booth visit during WESTEC 2021 in Long Beach, California.

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