Operating at the optimum temperature range of 200° – 210°F as the original Tru Temp XL, TRU TEMP 2nd GEN makes it easy to use in-house and operator friendly. The chemistry is easy to manage and contains no EPA regulated metals, so rinse waters are generally sewerable by neutralizing the pH with a typical discharge range of pH 7-11. Additionally,…
The new Tru Temp XT process forms a durable black oxide finish on difficult-to-blacken steel, iron and most stainless steel alloys. Long asked for by metal finishers, Tru Temp XT is a mid-temperature process that forms a satin black magnetite finish that protects critical surfaces in storage, shipment and startup while resisting galling and aiding…
Now there’s a better way to brighten brass, copper, bronze nickel and silver while protecting the metal from re-tarnishing. It’s called Presto Bright Dip, newly introduced by Birchwood Technologies, the metal finishing experts.
Now there’s a better way to protect small quantities of iron and steel parts from corrosion with Birchwood Technologies’ BK-1 Mini PRESTO BLACK finishing line. It’s fast, easy and economical.
Designed for use on any size parts, the new Presto Black Gel, Antique Brown Gel, and Antique Black Gel formulations solve the application challenges of liquid products while producing an attractive, high quality, durable darkened finish.
New Presto Black SSB room temperature stainless steel blackening process is an immersion or brush-on solution for most stainless steel alloys and substrates. Creating an esthetic appealing finish, Presto Black SSB can be used in production finishing, for manual touch-up needs, or for distressed decorative or architectural metalworking.
Birchwood Technologies offers a full line of water-based and solvent-based inhibitors and sealants to prevent rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces. Birchwood Technologies rust preventative and corrosion inhibiting products enable selection according to needs for lubricity, dryness and decorative appeal.
Manufacturers evaluating taking black-oxide finishing in-house now have a low-cost and safe-entry option with the Birchwood Technologies BC40 Presto Black finishing system. The seven-tank process line, with 20-minute room-temperature blackening capabilities, comes complete with tank system, heaters, plumbing connections and tank lids.
Gear component manufacturers can easily achieve break-in lubricity, robust corrosion protection and galling resistance on critical components. Birchwood Technologies’ TRU TEMP low-temperature, black-oxide process meets demanding finishing requirements while creating a non-dimensional finish, maintaining the same material hardness and load-bearing…
Manufacturers contemplating taking Black Oxide finishing in-house have a low-cost entry option with the Birchwood Technologies BC40E TruTemp finishing system. The seven-tank process line, with full black oxide capabilities, comes complete with tank system, heaters, plumbing connections, tank lids, and chemical products, all for $9,900.
The LUMICLAD finish from Birchwood Technologies forms a nearly non-dimensional black oxide finish on all aluminum surfaces. LUMICLAD is very durable, clean and tightly adherent to the metal substrate.
High-value tooling such as toolholders, workholding and turret press tooling takes on an attractive, protective black oxide finish when finished with the TRU TEMP low-temperature, nonpolluting black-oxide system from Birchwood Technologies. Extremely durable, the TRU TEMP process provides a satin black magnetite coating, 20 millionths thick (0.54…
Manufacturers needing immediate corrosion protection on small quantities of parts can get it with all of the quality of larger finishing systems using Birchwood Technologies’ Mini PRESTO BLACK line. The BK-1 line is a low-cost alternative and/or substitute for large scale finishing. This mini PRESTO BLACK room-temperature blackening system for…
Birchwood Technologies three brush-on metal blackeners—Presto Black BST4, Antique Black M24, and Aluma Black A14—are now available in smaller, quart sized (32 oz.) bottles for easier application and handling, at a new lower price point.
PRESTO BLACK room temperature black oxide from Birchwood Technology is ideal for small to medium production operations which require robust corrosion resistance and galling protection on critical surfaces for machine components.
Brush-on Presto Black Gel, Antique Black Gel, and Antique Brown Gel are for use on post processing part touchup or on manufactured metal parts not suitable for traditional processing lines.
Birchwood Technologies offers three mini systems for use in small batch metal finishing at low temperatures.
Birchwood Technologies offers two "all purpose" CLEARLOK water-based sealants formulated to provide a protective topcoat on most metal surfaces.
Metal finishers now can achieve both a high quality black oxide finish and a zinc phosphate finish using the same processing system from Birchwood Technologies.
Birchwood Technologies' ION EXCHANGE System purifies rinse water for reuse in metal finishing systems.
Two liquid cleaners developed by Birchwood Technologies can be used on a wide variety of process lines, including blackening, phosphating or electroplating lines.
PRESTO BLACK room temperature black oxide and MICROLOK MZN zinc phosphate processes from Birchwood Technologies are becoming increasingly popular for use on oilfield equipment requiring robust corrosion resistance and galling protection on critical surfaces.
Birchwood Technologies announces introduction of the new NEAR-ZERO water recycler for use in new and existing TRU TEMP low temperature black oxide finishing lines.
High quality black oxide finishes, with zero/minimal labor cost, are achieved when using the new Birchwood Technologies CNC TRU TEMP finishing system.
The MICROLOK MZN finish from Birchwood Technologies is a fine-grained zinc phosphate coating for iron and steel components.
Now it is possible to operate an In-House Zinc Phosphate processing system utilizing almost no rinse water. Using MICROLOK MZN with the Near-Zero Water Recycler and Ion Exchange from Birchwood Technologies, water consumption is reduced by 99 percent.
PRESTO BLACK BST4 brush-on liquid from Birchwood Casey Co. is an instant acting cold blackener for all iron and non-stainless steels.
Manufacturers are increasingly being asked to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and EPA regulated metals from their facilities. The TRU TEMP low temperature black oxide system from Birchwood Technologies is reportedly safe and simple to operate and serves as a direct replacement for conventional high temp black oxide.
Metal surface cleaners and conditioners from Birchwood Casey improve black oxide coating and other metal finishing processes.
Manufacturers requiring same-day black finishing of small lots of aluminum parts now can safely blacken parts in-house and achieve a durable and attractive satin black finish at low cost using the new mini BK-LC line.
CLEARLOK MAX Topcoat is another finishing product from Birchwood Casey.
Birchwood Casey's LUMICLAD electroless black oxide process for aluminum is now available in a new Zero-Discharge configuration that eliminates the need for a drain connection.
The 30-minute TRU TEMP low temp black oxide process is now available in a new Zero-Discharge configuration that totally eliminates the need for a drain connection. This new TRU TEMP system from Birchwood Casey utilizes Ion Exchange technology to purify and recycle the rinse waters, resulting in a "closed-loop" zero-discharge installation.
CLEARLOK Polyurethane Sealant from Birchwood Casey provides a clear, hard, high gloss protective finish over trivalent zinc chromate finishes without significant dimensional change.
Tooling designers can achieve a durable, protective finish with the new TRU TEMP low temp black oxide process from Birchwood Casey.