Ion Exchange System

February 01, 2015

Birchwood Technologies' ION EXCHANGE System purifies rinse water for reuse in metal finishing systems. It is ideal for process lines utilizing room temperature blackeners, zinc phosphate, manganese phosphate, and other metal finishing processes.

The ION EXCHANGE System allows the user to operate a metal finishing process line as a zero-discharge rinse water system. No water enters the drain with this system so there is no need for a rinse water discharge permit. Using the ION EXCHANGE system provides significant benefits in locations with water restrictions. It is an ideal option for manufacturers on a septic system or where the process line must be installed in a warehouse area without convenient access to water and drain facilities.

Once connected, the system automatically purifies rinse waters continuously. When the primary set of resin tanks are saturated, a conductivity light clicks from green to red. At this point the primary tank set is removed from the system and shipped out for regeneration by a licensed facility. The identical secondary tank set is connected in place of the first set. By alternating the two sets of tanks, the main process line is never down.

Birchwood Technologies' ION EXCHANGE system is sturdily constructed. It incorporates a 40 gallon sump tank, 1 HP stainless steel pump, particle filter, two sets of purification tanks (each set consists of one 14" x 48" granular carbon tank, one 14" x 48" cation resin tank and one 14" x 48" anion resin tank). Supplied complete, the system includes the conductivity light and hose connections with no assembly required other than final hookup of water and electrical connections.

The ION EXCHANGE system can easily be installed on a new process line or added to an existing line as a retrofit. The new system can make the difference between successful in-house metal finishing or no metal finishing at all.